Access Methods Used For Our Manchester Deansgate Square Project

A demanding and fresh challenge, our work on Deansgate Square began over two years ago when we were approached by Renaker Build LTD to undertake initial testing and reporting on the best methods for cleaning and restoring the towers of this impressive residential complex in Manchester.

Our biggest challenge was the windy heights of Block A (210m), which needed a carefully planned programme to tackle problems that our ever-changing English weather likes to throw up.

How did we carry out Façade Testing?

Initial testing involved the use of onsite BMUs, temporary giraffe cradle systems and rope access which afforded us the variety of multiple methods, dwell times and phased cleaning plans.  Safety and minimal impact to the newly installed façade were of paramount importance on this project from the beginning.

How did Access Methods Help us to Deliver this Project?

Rope access, otherwise known as industrial abseiling is what many associate with rock climbing or daredevil charity feats, but it has quickly become a relatively safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional access methods such and MEWPs and scaffolding.  As buildings get higher and higher, they continue to push the boundaries of the access and maintenance industry.  As we have too often found, many architectural icons are designed and constructed without much thought being put into how they will be cleaned and maintained.  Industrial abseiling is a valuable tool in helping us to address the requirements of a variety of buildings of all shapes, sizes and locations.

What Did we Do?

In order to deliver this project, we had to split all the work into meticulously planned phases (whilst allowing for the flexibility of a live and fluid environment!)  Various access methods, including cradles and abseiling as well as MEWPs on some of the lower levels were used to sensitively clean and restore the towers back to their former glory.

Maintaining the integrity of the building façade, our operatives were able to apply prescribed pH-neutral products to the soiling that would not compromise the material, glazing and sealants on this stunning apartment complex.

We have a wealth of experience in assessing, testing and delivering the most complex of building maintenance solutions including cleaning and restoration requirements.  Whether it is high-rise, modern, heritage or commercial buildings, our use of various access methods is guaranteed to deliver the best results for your building and budget.