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External Building Cleaning & Exterior Facade Restoration

Cleaning a building’s exterior facade is one of the easiest ways to increase its value. Prospective buyers are much more likely to invest (and spend more) on a building that doesn’t look like it needs a lot of cleaning done, and grimy or dirty buildings are much more difficult to sell. Think of it like this: if you’re preparing a house for prospective new owners you’ll hoover the inside and make it look nice. Do the same outside, too.

This is even more important if the facade is especially nice or historical. Any kind of sculpture, painting or points of interest should look their best. This is where our services come in. building cleaning and after builders cleans are important work and should be done well, so we look into the best methods of removing any stains, unwanted paint or plants. This may include the use of chemicals (see above) or different tools and methods.

At Building Transformation, we provide sensitive, non-abrasive building cleaning and protection solutions for external building facades.

To start, the building cleaner will need to identify the materials used on the external building facade. If it’s a variety, different methods will need to be employed so no damage is done to other materials. They will then need to use them as is appropriate to get rid of the dirt, plants and pollution- which may also require different types of cleaner. It’s worth getting a facade cleaner to check out the building in advance so they can get the right supplies and find the best methods.

Sensitive building cleaning, restoration, and repair solutions

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    Without the basic knowledge of the effects or suitability of specific cleaning systems, building owners and managers are left unaware of the effectiveness and impact of different cleaning processes. For each system, the merit of selection is dependent on façade type and its current condition, building environment and history of the previous cleaning.

    As architecture pushes the boundaries of material design and performance, the need to take greater care of the building fabric increases. With holistic solutions, we clean, restore, and refurbish building facades. Seeking to understand why you are looking to restore your building façade, enables us to build a clear vision of how we can help you whilst working within any listed building, conservation guidelines, planning issues or restrictions. Methods of cleaning are reviewed, risks and limitations of each method are discussed so the aims and objectives of the project are clearly established.

    We provide technical information and advice to help support conservation planning, listed building consent, and architectural requirements. Supported by façade cleaning test trials we build greater clarity, providing you with budgetary and methodology options to create choice and flexibility. Our solutions are aligned to the BS 8221-1:2012: cleaning and surface repair of painting buildings.

    Methods of restoration are adjusted to suit the façade soiling type and severity; we continuously adjust working practices to retain the integrity of the façade. Due to the variation in height and size of the buildings we clean, we design and implement façade cleaning services, building repair, or external painting solutions that use a variety of access methods such as cradles, façade hoist, scaffolding, and abseiling methods. While working with modern, listed, tall, and challenging to access building structures we ensure the building fabric reflects the vision of the client with a clear goal of protection for the future.

    Bring your building back to life with a complete façade restoration solution

    Sympathetic façade cleaning and restoration solutions for all types of buildings

    • Façade cleaning services and restoration: Super-heated Steam, Nebulus, and poultice cleaning
    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, and scaffolding
    • Masonry, concrete, and façade material repairs
    • Structural masonry repairs and wall ties installations

    • Application of protective coating and weathering sealants
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • External building painting and redecoration
    • Roof leak detection and integrity testing
    • Traditional roofing and leadwork
    • Installation of rainwater goods and guttering

    Sensitive façade cleaning and methods of restoration

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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