A well connected, established, skilled and engaged team working towards the same clear standards of operation and daily behaviours to achieve high performance and customer service. As a business we are aiming for...

“World class basics”

Our focus for 2022 and beyond – R Wood

Our journey

Over the years we’ve nurtured and created an environment for people to build relationships, understand each other, be open and learn from experiences. It’s been critical in enabling the business to move forward, evolve with stronger processes, focus and clarity.

Our journey of growth and success has only been achievable with the backing of a solid, stable and positive team that support the day-to-day delivery.

Our people

Our behaviours are a core focus for all team members, clearly communicated and referenced regularly as part of our management framework. This focus and understanding about how we behave, communicate and operate, ensures a much higher level of team satisfaction and customer service consistency.

The business has been built on the diversity of our team and their skills. Our standards and expectations are set clearly, our focus on building people, building skills, education and training in line with the business growth plan has evolved into a high performing and consistent business delivery.

We are proud of our staff retention and the fact that 95% of the staff we have today have been with the business for more than 6 years.  We have a strong, open and honest environment that allows the people and the business to grow.

Worklife at Building Transformation
Our team

Our mission

Our mission is centred on people, building a strong performance and services-based culture by operating with a clear set of established daily behaviours:

Transparency – Accountability – Positivity 

Our promise

At Building Transformation, we don’t make presumptions and we don’t generalise We protect, feedback and future-proof your building.

Our goal is to help create higher performing building fabrics and reduce overall long-term maintenance costs. Through innovation, exploring new methods, products and programmes, we guarantee to increase the lifespan of the properties we work on.

At Building Transformation, we help buildings live longer, reducing the necessity of replacing and re-building to maximise the lifespan of existing buildings. Our goal is to create positive, engaging, and sustainable built environments.

Our record

We have a strong track record working on both contemporary, listed and heritage buildings. We respect and value conservation and take a sensitive approach to all the materials we work with. We embrace English Heritage and Historic England philosophies, using minimal intervention methods where possible and techniques aligned to the history and the future requirements of a building’s façade or roof.

Our support

The growth of the business has been organic, with a core focus on supporting key clients with tailored portfolio of specific service solutions. Our service range over the past 10 years has evolved from core façade services into a more holistic, all-encompassing building envelope service partner.

  Our aspirations

Our purpose is to strengthen and build the fundamentals for sustainable growth and consistent service delivery to our clients. As the business grows, the skills grow. We train, recruit and invest in the right people to help the business deliver on its core objective of achieving excellence over the coming years.

Being a true service partner, we ensure our clients are provided with complete transparency and peace of mind throughout our service delivery process. With proven capability and a pro-active maintenance outlook, we place great attention on every single project keeping your buildings protected and fully operational.

About us

Interested in a career at Building Transformation?

We are always on the lookout for inspiring new talent to enrich our strong and diverse team. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining a positive environment which recognises and celebrates individuality, teamwork and growth. If you are motivated to contribute, success will definitely be yours.

We provide you with the right tools and resources to succeed in a culture based on innovation, collaboration and value creation. By transcending barriers, we will open your mind to a new way of thinking about how to obtain that productive, rewarding career you desire.