Experts at maintaining the complete building envelope.

As a leading façade and roof maintenance solution service provider, we are innovators in the creation of building fabric care programmes which help increase the lifespan of buildings.

By cleaning, repairing, protecting and maintaining your building asset, we help building owners and managers maximise, retain and increase their property asset value. Through innovation, exploring new methods, products, and programmes, we guarantee to increase the lifespan of your built environment.

Our clients purpose drives our output, helping us to develop and implement strategies which realise their vision. Building Transformation changes, transforms and protects building façade skins and surrounding urban landscapes.


Clients can expect holistic long-term solutions which extend the lifespan of their assets and the quality of built environments. We believe there is a direct link between how a building or environment looks and how people think, behave and perform.

Building Transformation is setting new standards of façade care that meet the needs of 21st century buildings and assets as well as global sustainability targets. We bring a completely fresh approach to help future proof the fabric of each building – standing for something different, refreshing and totally unique in the property market.

What it means for you

An increase in the value of your building. Through innovating, new processes, products, programmes and opportunities we help your built environment live longer.

Great efficiency and certainty. Efficient service means cost certainty, transparency, savings and greater value because of less reactive spending.

Building Envelope problems solved. Solving problems with aging building envelopes that are suffering from weathering, decay and failure.

Creating space to thrive. With proven direct links between how a building or environment looks and how people think, feel behave and perform, we create environments that people, businesses and communities want to grow and thrive in.

Our purpose

Our purpose is centered on people, places and protecting urban spaces:

  • We invest in and build our people.
  • We are positive, influential, strong and fun.
  • Our outcome is for the long-term future.

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