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Building Transformation offers flexible roof and gutter maintenance solutions for commercial and residential properties. Our team of expert tradespeople are highly experienced in all aspects of roof and gutter maintenance, so understand the unique challenges when cleaning, repairing, and replacing these systems.

The Importance of Regular Roof and Gutter Maintenance

The roof and gutter system play a vital role in the integrity and longevity of a building, so it is important they are well maintained over time. A lack of routine maintenance may lead to severe issues developing that require more expensive and disruptive repairs.
For example, damage to the roof may cause serious structural issues, leakages, mould, and various issues that require extensive repairs. If spotted early enough during routine roof maintenance, small cracks and holes can be easily repaired without needing extensive construction work.
Similarly, gutter systems that are clogged or broke do not effectively drain water away from the building. While gutter overflow may not appear significant, it damages the building façade and may also cause mould and algae to develop.
If left untreated for too long, guttering replacement may be necessary, along with extensive repairs to the building’s brickwork, masonry, façade etc.

Our Roof and Gutter Maintenance Services

We offer an extensive range of roof and gutter maintenance solutions for commercial and residential properties, including:

Roof Repairs

We inspect flat and pitched roofs for signs of damage, conducting necessary repairs and maintenance depending on what we find. Some of the most common issues that require roof repairs include:
• Damaged roof membrane (including punctures, splits, and cracks)
• Moisture/Water damage
• Water pooling
• Damaged roof shingles
• Tree damage
• Debris build-ups
• Organic growth (e.g. mould, moss, lichen, algae etc.)

Gutter Repairs

The guttering is part of a roofing system, with repairs and maintenance requirements usually less demanding than a roof. We offer gutter repairs for the following issues:
• Damage to the gutter (e.g. splits, cracks, and holes)
• Clogged gutters (e.g. removing leaves, moss, twigs etc.)
• Leaky gutters
• Slack gutters
• Poorly installed gutters

Gutter Lining Repairs and Replacement

Gutter lining is a flexible material adorned inside various gutter systems, often those on commercial buildings. These lining systems offer many benefits, namely being incredibly durable, meaning future repairs are unlikely for some time.
However, damage may occur from wear and tear or environmental factors like broken tree branches, meaning the lining is no longer effective. Where possible, we complete repairs of the gutter lining to restore its integrity – in more extreme cases a full replacement is necessary.
The gutter lining may just be old and you want to replace it with a modern material. This is a good investment given the long lifespan of modern gutter lining, which lasts for up to 50 years.

Gutter Replacement

We provide complete gutter replacement services for damaged or old gutter systems. Sometimes a gutter just needs updated to modern materials, while other times there is significant damage where repairs are not a suitable solution.
In either case, we offer flexible gutter replacement services for commercial and residential properties. The new gutter works better than ever, ensuring proper filtering of water away from the roof and walls.

Increase the lifespan of your roof with accurate roof repair and maintenance

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    The roof and gutters of your building play a frontline role in protecting valuable business assets and stock. However, many roof leak-related issues are dealt with on a reactive basis, either when first noticed or when they can no longer be tolerated. Failure to implement an effective maintenance plan may lead to a host of roof and gutter issues, providing considerable challenges to building owners and managers.

    The recommended approach to protect your roof from leaks, corrosion, gutter failure and reduce significant costs on reactive roof repairs is through the implementation of a comprehensive planned roof maintenance solution. With a roof condition survey, our team of engineers can provide you with a detailed picture of your building’s issues, risks and health helping build a clear understanding of your building.

    We have a team of dedicated specialists on hand to help repair and maintain your roof, gutters, and rainwater systems. This includes corroded metal sheets, single ply, tiled, syphonic, green or flat felt roofs. Quick fixes or long-term solutions, we provide options to give you choice and budget flexibility. If you are looking to reduce re-active building maintenance costs and increase the quality of planned service delivery for your building, we can create a comprehensive roof asset register for your building including maintenance budgets, future recommendations, service plans, and mapping high-risk areas.

    Helping you protect and manage your roof, guttering, and rainwater systems with improved efficiency, less risk, and options to fit your budget. We guarantee to increase the performance, condition, and lifespan of your building envelope.

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    Planned and re-active roof and gutter maintenance solutions

    Electronic Testing, Roof and Gutter Maintenance Services

    • Planned and reactive roof maintenance
    • Roof and gutter coatings for flat, felt singly ply and pitched roofs
    • Corrosion control, gutter joints repair and relining solutions
    • Electronic leak integrity testing of roof membranes for flat, felt and singly ply roofs

    • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
    • Endoscopic camera, thermographic and borescope surveys
    • Roofing repairs, recoating and replacement
    • Façade stabilisation, refixing and sealing solutions

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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