Is there an ideal access solution for maintenance projects?

Buildings with particularly difficult to access areas require highly experienced professionals to ensure safe and appropriate access and a proper level of care or maintenance can be carried out.
There are various factors which will influence the access services suitable for your building. Factors to consider include:

• Age and historical significance of the building
• Any regulations such as listing guidelines you need to keep in mind
• Height of the building
• Difficult-to-access areas


• Scaffolding systems provide greater safety by providing a secure platform while working at height.

• Modern scaffolding is versatile and customisable. It is easier to erect in short amount of time in a wide array of locations including buildings of different shapes and sizes

• Having a flat surface, the scaffolding provides firm footing to the workers. It helps workers balance themselves in different positions.

• Scaffolds are commonly used to provide access for the inspection, maintenance and repair of historic buildings

Rope access

• The time and costs for setup is less compared to scaffolding which can be time intensive with regards to erecting, altering and dismantling.

• Rope equipment enables quicker access compared to scaffolding, as it is lightweight and can be installed and removed in minutes.

• One of the least invasive and risky options for access when considering the façade of any building. According to IRATA’s Work and Safety Analysis 2017, there was just a single case of fatality reported while working at height using rope access equipment.

• The regulations around working with rope access systems are stringent and it requires no additional terrain, flat or otherwise, to work from and this means work can begin quickly.


• Provides a safe and secure way of working at height. Regulations around working at height mean safety measures are considered in every job.

• MEWPs make it easy to carry heavy tools and machinery where necessary. Specialist materials can be taken directly to where they are needed with ease.

• MEWPs Provide a safe and secure way of working at height while making it easier for the placement and carrying of heavy machinery and bulky items

• MEWPs are easy to set up and transport, especially if you work with an experienced equipment provider.

• There are MEWPs available for inside and outside works, which can be good for tricky inside jobs as well as those around building façades.