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Building Transformation provides reliable roof coating services for both domestic and commercial properties. Our technicians are highly trained and come with full accreditation and licencing, ensuring health and safety compliance for every roofing project.
Roof painting, also called roof coating or roof waterproofing, is a treatment option for roofs that more people are investing in. Given the harsh weather conditions a roof faces each day, providing it with a protective coating does a lot for the long-term durability of the roof.
A durable roof means less problems developing, such warping membrane or cracked shingles, helping to avoid potentially costly repair and replacement work. Roof repairs are a necessary expense but one that could be better avoided through an effective roof coating.
We offer flexible roof painting services for properties of every shape and size. We are happy to coat roofs at various heights, using the latest access equipment to ensure safe and efficient accessibility to the roof during the painting.

What is Roof Coating and Roof Painting?

Roof coating and roof painting is the process of applying a protective layer to the surface of a roof. While the terms are often interchangeable, roof coatings and roof paintings are slightly different.
The main difference between these materials is that paint provides a coloured finish, often to increase the aesthetic appeal of the roof. A roof coating offers a colourless finish, focusing mainly on protecting the roof surface.
Different roof coatings and paints are recommended depending on the type of roof material. For example, polyurethane coatings are used on flat roofs to help strengthen the membrane, which sees high foot traffic.
Furthermore, the protective qualities of the paint or coating differs from each product. Some are designed to offer the best roof waterproofing, while others focus more on protecting against UV damage.
Most roof coatings in the UK are understandably applied to help with waterproofing – we do see lots of rain here after all!

What are the Benefits of Roof Coating?

The main advantage of using roof coatings and roof paintings is simple – they provide more protection for the roof.
Roofing systems face all kinds of extreme conditions that cause damage over time. The two most common are UV and moisture damage. With a special coating applied, roof surfaces can reflect more UV rays, reducing the damage it causes to surface materials over time.
Similarly, roof waterproofing is greatly improved when applying a suitable treatment to the surface. By applying a protective layer across the surface material, water and moisture cannot pass through small cracks, holes, and splits on the roof material.
Not only does this protect against leaks and moisture damage, but it also prevents corrosion to various parts of the roof, which is also a serious structural issue
Given the serious damage leaky and corroded roofs causes, and the expensive cost of repairs/replacements, roof waterproofing is a great investment for any property!
Our Roof Coating and Roof Painting Services
We offer flexible roof coating and roofing painting services for both homes and business premises. If you are unsure whether plain coating or painting is suitable for your property, give a call and we can discuss what options are best for your situation.

Silicone-based roof repairs, coating and corrosion solutions

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    We can repair, treat, respray, and protect corroded roof sheets and gutters to ensure your roof is suitably protected for the future.  Rather than roof replacement options, we work with your current roof material condition, minimise costs and maximise the performance. Our solutions comply with BS 6150:2006- A1:2014 for painting and re-coating of buildings.

    Your roof can be fully treated with a roof waterproofing solution. High-risk locations can be identified through electronic roof leak detection, thermal imaging surveys and moisture mapping techniques then treated to ensure your roof leak issues are resolved.  We have over 18 years’ experience providing roof waterproofing and recoating solutions throughout the UK to companies such as Travis Perkins PLC, Wickes, and the MoD along with leading property companies such as Land Securities, Knight Frank, and Savills.


    Liquid-applied waterproofing systems are either based on natural bitumen, artificial polyester, or polyurethane. They are typically used for the remedial covering of existing flat and pitched roofs, and their advantage is that they can be applied without removing the existing roof covering. Systems which can withstand heavy traffic may be specified for balcony surfaces and walkways. Expected service life cycles vary from between 5 and 30 years.

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    Roof and gutter waterproofing solutions for your building

    • Roof and gutter coatings for flat, felt, single ply, and pitched roofs
    • Corrosion control, gutter joints, repair, and relining solutions
    • Electronic leak integrity testing of roof membranes for flat, felt, and singly ply roofs
    • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
    • Thermographic surveys for all the building envelope

    • Endoscopic camera and borescope surveys
    • Roofing repairs, recoating and replacement
    • Planned and reactive roof maintenance
    • Façade stabilisation, refixing and sealing solutions
    • Access solutions via MEWP, rope access, cradle, scaffold, hoist, and more

    Roof and gutter waterproofing solutions for your building

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