Facade Access with Building Maintenance Units (BMU), Cradle, Hoist, Scaffold and Mobile Elevated work platforms

Building Transformation offers reliable façade access services for commercial properties. We offer flexible access solutions for businesses of every scope, catering to all major industries and sectors. Our team of access technicians are fully trained and licenced using the latest building access equipment, including scaffolding, access cradles, and building maintenance units (BMU).
Our goal is to provide safe and cost-effective façade access solutions, no matter your requirements. We have extensive experience in all aspects of commercial building access solution and our commitment to quality is evidenced by our high customer satisfaction rates.
So, whether you require access via cradles, scaffolding, or a BMU, or façade access services are here to help.

Affordable Building Access Solutions

There are various operational challenges when it comes to commercial building maintenance. One of the most common issues businesses face is accessing the entire exterior of the property to conduct routine maintenance.
Given the size and design of a contemporary building, accessing the façade to complete cleaning, maintenance, or repairs is challenging. The height and size of commercial properties make accessing all areas of the façade difficult and often impossible without suitable access hardware.
Our service provides affordable and flexible façade access solutions. We contract the latest access equipment to allow organisations to complete their building maintenance. Whether it is cleaning windows, removing grime from the façade, or restoring the entre exterior, our access services offer safe and effective solutions.

Our Services

As the access challenges differ from each organisation, we offer tailor-made solutions to accommodate all requirements. All service operators are fully licenced to meet current safety guidelines and compliances, ensuring a safe and efficient service you can trust.
We offer various access solutions including:

Building Maintenance Unit (BMU)

We use a range of building maintenance units to provide access to the building façade. Suspended from the roof, the BMU lowers maintenance staff downwards to provide access to the exterior surface.
This is commonly used to clean windows but can also be used for other kinds of façade maintenance, from inspections to restoration work.

Access Cradle

An access cradle is a suspended access platform that can be lowered and raised across the building. A versatile building access solution, a cradle is suitable for various types of exterior building maintenance tasks, including cleaning, inspections, surveys, and repairs.
The hardware suspended from various parts of the building, allowing quick and flexible access across at any height.


We offer access to a wide selection of scaffolding systems for streamlined façade access. Scaffolding is an affordable yet effective type of access system, making it a great solution for properties of every scope and size.
Scaffolding is erected quickly and to all current safety regulations, being suitable for various maintenance tasks. All platforms come with appropriate safety measures including wide surfaces, guardrails, and easy navigation from each platform.

Mobile Elevated Platform

A mobile elevated platform is a versatile piece of building access equipment suitable for various tasks. The main advantage these platforms offer is their mobility, being able to move to any part of the building where access is required quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful for working in tight spots or the building interior.

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High-level building repairs with BMU, cradles and specialist hoist access solutions

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    Targeted external repairs carried out by BMU (building maintenance unit), cradles, abseiling, temporary and fixed façade hoist, and MEWP (mobile elevated work platform) provide safer, faster and more effective solutions. 200 metres in the air or over water, we can get to any section of your building.

    We support our clients throughout the project journey by empowering them with comprehensive information and recommendations. From the initial investigation, rescue planning, solution delivery to supporting the development of future project maintenance planning schedules and budgeting on completion, our work is customised, detailed and focused.

    Regardless of the variation in height and size of different buildings we clean, design and implement holistic repair solutions using a variety of specialist access methods tailored to your building. We work with your specifications and building’s needs to create sustainable solutions for façade maintenance activity, both on a planned or reactive basis using a range of access methods to tackle problems such as cradles, façade hoist, scaffolding, and abseiling methods for tall structures with challenging access routes.

    We maintain façades or roofs that are failing, loose, or leaking, with minimal impact on your business, residents, or any day-to-day operation. Access solutions to test, inspect, repair, fix, stabilise, or clean any section of your building fabric.

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    We specialise in the following façade maintenance services for tall and high-rise buildings

    • High-level building repairs and maintenance
    • Façade condition surveys
    • Bridge inspections and structural surveys
    • Grouting and resin injection
    • Concrete protection and reinstatement
    • Brick and stone repairs or replacement

    • Application of surface impregnators and protective coating
    • Inspection and replacement of gaskets
    • External building painting and redecoration
    • Cleaning of canopies, cleaning roofs and atriums
    • Roof repairs and gutter replacement
    • Roof leak detection and electronic testing

    Adaptable building access solutions for any project

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access


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