Building Restoration and External Building Maintenance Services of listed, historic, and period properties across the UK- London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton.

Building Transformation provides building restoration and building maintenance services for listed and heritage buildings. Our team of experienced cleaning technicians are fully trained in all aspects of building restoration and maintenance for listed and heritage buildings, with services available for the façade and roofing of these properties.
The UK is home to some of the most incredible historical buildings in the world. Many of these listed and heritage buildings are over 100 years old, showcasing the rich and diverse history of our country. Sadly, many of these buildings have fallen into disrepair, with years of aging taking its toll on the roofs and façade of these structures.
Thankfully, there is hope for these historical buildings and structures. Our goal is to help preserve these cultural landmarks through an external building restoration and maintenance service. Available for the roofing and façade of listed and heritage buildings, we aim to restore and maintain these beautiful buildings so future generations can continue to enjoy them.

Why Listed and Heritage Buildings Require Restoration and Maintenance

Listed and heritage buildings are provided special protections due to their age. These are the oldest structures in the country – some several hundred years old – so they have understandably faced some wear and tear over the years.
Everything from the weather to nearby pollution causes deterioration in these structures, often to the point of disrepair. The exterior of these properties faces most of the damage, with the roofing and façade typically being severely deteriorated.
There are many signs of damage that occur on listed and heritage buildings. For example, organic growth often develops on the exterior surfaces, leaving unsightly stains while damaging the internal structure of the façade.
Similarly, pollution causes unpleasant stains and other types of surface damage, often clearly seen on the façade.
Roofs are at the mercy of the elements, facing constant exposure to rain, wind, sleet, and snow. There is likely organic growth damaging the roof material, which may also be rotted or broken depending on its age.
Simply put, our listed and heritage buildings have faced a lot of wear and tear over the years. To ensure they remain for years to come, eternal building maintenance and building restoration is necessary.

How Our Building Restoration and Maintenance Service Helps

We offer reliable building restoration and maintenance services for listed buildings and heritage properties throughout the country. Available for properties of any age or size, our service is fully compliant with current regulations regarding the maintenance and restoration of listed building.
As each building has its own problems, we offer tailor-made services to accommodate its unique challenges. For some, this could be a simple façade restoration that removes soot and grime from older properties.
Others may require more thorough building restoration, with old and deteriorated materials being completed replaced. A new roof may be required, or restoration of the entire building façade.
Perhaps your goal is to avoid these more intensive processes in the future. We offer listed building maintenance services that aim to resolve minor issues before they develop into something more serious. This could be something as simple as regular cleaning of the façade and roof!
Regardless of your building restoration and building maintenance needs, we are here to help.
We current providing restoration and maintenance services on the following listed building façade materials:
• Lead
• Stone
• Render
• Masonry
• Slate
• And more!

Restoration and Conservation of Listed, Period, and Heritage Properties

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    We provide traditional conservation and restoration methods for masonry, lime renders and plastering, timber, roof, and chimney repairs for listed, historic, and period buildings. Simply put, we repair, paint, clean, and fully restore your building façade.

    We are conservation driven in our approach to masonry cleaning, building repair and restoration. Employing professional building restoration and conservation solutions, including stone and brick repairs, repointing, sensitive cleaning, for complete sympathetic restoration and refurbishment of external façades. We work with lime render, limestone, sandstone, natural stone, bath stone, and granites from across the UK and use sensitive, non-abrasive techniques to help restore and increase the lifespan of your building. We provide complete building envelope refurbishment services from the roof down to the ground.

    Our work is carried out in line with English Heritage and Historic England philosophies, using minimal intervention methods and techniques aligned to the history and the future requirements of the façade. We have a proven track record of working with grade 2 listed stately homes, churches, manor houses, and period buildings. With quality workmanship and professional advice from our specialist team, registered with the Stone Federation of Great Britain, Construction Line and CHAS accredited we can also carry out internal restoration services such as paint removal, timber repairs, and stone masonry.

    We use low-pressure steam, nebulous, swirling aggregate, poultice cleaning, and other methods combined with a range of specialist cleaning methods such as superheated water systems. As specialist stonemasons, we have the skills and expertise to provide you with the best conservation, material matching, and restoration solution to sensitively restore and protect your natural stone and masonry for years to come.

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    Our comprehensive solutions for listed, heritage, and period buildings

    • Super-heated steam (e.g. TORC), nebulous and poultice cleaning
    • Masonry repairs and repointing
    • Repointing and replacement
    • Mortar and cracking repairs
    • General masonry works and stabilising
    • Terracotta repairs and replacement works

    • Stucco and façade repairs
    • Traditional roofing and leadwork repair and replacement
    • Timber treatment and repairs
    • Render removal, repair and redecoration
    • Leak detection solutions for roof and façade
    • Gutter maintenance and replacement

    • Render repairs and painting
    • Application of hydrophobic coatings and weathering sealants
    • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation
    • Electronic roof leak integrity testing
    • Roof replacement and repairs

    Façade cleaning, paint removal, redecoration, repairs and restoration

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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