Leak detection and inspection solutions for roofs and façades, single ply, felt, flat, green, metal, pitched, cladded, tall or challenging to access in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton and across the UK.

Building Transformation offers flexible leak detection services for commercial and residential properties. Hidden leaks left untreated develop into serious structural issues down the line, requiring expensive and disruptive repairs.
Therefore, it’s recommended to undertake regular leak investigations in a property to ensure there are no hidden leaks. We offer cost-effective roof leak detection services to determine if there is a leak in your property. Should we find one, we offer appropriate solutions for how to best fix the problem.
Using a team of experienced technicians equipped with the latest leak detection equipment, our process aims to detect leaks before they cause significant damage. We also offer dry run testing to determine the integrity of newly built flat roofs.

Why You Need a Roof Leak Detection

Whether a commercial or domestic property, the roof of a building plays a vital structural role. It keeps out precipitation and moisture, ensuring there are no leaks or damp developing inside the roof and building.
However, as roofs are at the constant mercy of the elements, there are naturally going to deteriorate over time. This could be minor cracks and splits on the roof membrane or serious structural damage causing huge leakages inside the roof and building.
In either case, a roof leak detection is designed to detect the presence of leaks, allowing quick and efficient solutions to be made. For example, flat roof leak detection typically finds damage to roof membrane materials as the main cause of the leaks, with repairs or replacements being the necessary solution.
Moreover, roof leak detection services are great for preventative maintenance. By scheduling regular roof leak surveys, minor issues can be detected before leaks appear. This allows you to avoid more costly repairs from hidden leaks that develop into huge problems down the line.

Our Roof Leak Detection Process

We use a dry run testing method for flat and low pitched roofs. This electronic equipment quickly identifies any damage or imperfections to the membrane material – the most common cause of leaks.
Because the equipment is fast and efficient at detecting leaks, we identify minor imperfections long before they develop into a serious structural leak. Small punctures and splits that can normally be missed during an inspection are easily identified, allowing fast action to avoid leaks.
Our technicians come with full accreditation and licencing, ensuring compliance with all current on-site health and safety regulations. The process is quick and non-disruptive, while being suitable flat roofs new and old.
The process does not require any removal or disruption of the current roof membrane, so if we don’t find any leaks, no repairs to the membrane are required.
Once the dry run roof inspection is complete, we provide a detailed report on our findings. These are forthright about the exact conditions of the roof, including any possible risks and recommended solutions.
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Non-destructive leak investigations, surveys & roof repairs

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    Specialist non-destructive leak detection testing for roofs, façades and glazing. From the MOD to hotels and commercial buildings, we provide a range of specialist leak detection testing solutions to locate, track, isolate, document and repair leaks on the external building envelope. Solutions for challenging to access areas, using rope access, MEWPs and cradles to ensure all possible locations are tested, inspected and reported.

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    A niche service provider of planned, reactive and technical building fabric services throughout the UK and Ireland, we can provide safe access and effective testing solutions for any water ingress locations. From commercial, tall, difficult to access and listed building structures, we can survey, test and repair with minimal impact to your site’s operations. Our highly experienced team offers a seamless solution to all your leak investigation and repair needs.

    Being visually elusive leaks tend to remain unnoticed, unleashing a host of serious repercussions. Some of the common ones include material failure, operational disruptions, potential safety hazards, dilapidations charges or loss of building asset value. With specialist leak investigations, we take the guessing work away by tracking and mapping how the water is entering your building. We help you understand the maintenance requirements of your building and effectively tackle the issues caused by leaks and water ingress. Recommendations to help improve the water integrity of your building from roofs, windows, parapet walls, to gutters and cladding.

    With specialist roof leak detection solutions, we utilise different non-intrusive and non-destructive leak testing methods such as electronic leak integrity testing, dry testing, dec scanning, moisture mapping, vacuum dewatering and thermographic surveys. Our track record shows that we are providers of fresh, innovative and complete solutions to help protect your building envelope, access, track and remove water ingress problems.

    Modern, listed, tall, or difficult to access, we can support you with roof leak detection, roof corrosion treatment, repair, and ongoing roof maintenance plans.

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    Specialist façade and roof leak detection surveys throughout the UK and Ireland.

    Leak investigation and testing solutions for roofs and façades

    • Roof, gutter and façade leak detection and water ingress investigations
    • Electronic leak integrity testing of roof membranes for flat, felt and singly ply roofs
    • Moisture mapping and vacuum dewatering solutions
    • Thermographic surveys for all the building envelope
    • Endoscopic camera and borescope surveys

    • Roofing repairs, recoating and replacement
    • Façade stabilisation, refixing and sealing solutions
    • Planned, reactive, roof and gutter maintenance
    • Written detailed reports
    • Solution for tall, exposed and challenging to access buildings, via MEWP, rope access and cradles
    • Technical services designed to protect the building envelope.

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