Project Overview :

To date, we have worked with and supported Renaker for over 2 years, initially testing and successfully clarifying the required cleaning methods, then undertaking façade cleaning, maintenance and inspection works on all 5 towers.

With block A pushing the boundaries and access methods of such work at 210m tall, keeping to a planned programme on such a tall, exposed and windswept building, we knew would present delivery challenges and require the flexibility of delivery.

We continuously adjusted our working programmes for each building, mapping out each completed section per block or drop so that we could keep our working programmes adjusted to low wind sections of the building and the programme in line with the client expectations and delivery dates.

We initially carried out test trials on the façade to determine the best methods to sensitively remove the concrete and construction soiling through the use of pH-neutral products, without damaging the glazed units or shrinking the mastic seals. This included the utilisation of multiple products, varied dwell times, and sensitive phased removal procedures.  By using onsite BMUs, temporary giraffe cradle systems and rope access, we were able to carry out the works safely and without impact to the newly installed façade.

What did we work on?

    • Initial test trials to determine the correct solution in line with client warranty requirements
    • Full restorative cleaning and inspection work to the facades on all 5 towers
    • Multiple specialist access solutions for programme maximisation – abseiling and cradle


    • Delivering a combined programme of works for all towers in challenging weather conditions
    • Continuously mapping and logging all complete locations, within a live and constantly changing environment
    • Working in line with other fabric companies and adjusting where required


To efficiently deliver the project, all work was split into phases, with the buildings’ being of extreme height, up to 210 meters. This required the use of various access methods, including a combination of cradle and abseiling, as well as some use of a MEWP on the lower levels.

With the blocks still in construction and subject to warranties, a sensitive process was used that included pH-neutral products and cremes that combined to soften and remove the contamination, whilst avoiding etching, damage or shrinkage.

All products and methods were pre-approved by the glazing and sealant manufacturers.

Renaker Build Limited

The team at Building Transformation understood our challenge of finding a facade cleaning solution that would initially restore the glazing to its original state, protecting our building for years to come. Through intelligent and thorough testing right through to the full restoration of Block D, we have been very satisfied with the project management and delivery of the cleaning programme. We like the way the team works – using innovative, environmentally friendly methods, combined with the use of non-abrasive products, is helping us efficiently maintain our building and the beautiful architecture we are creating on the Manchester skyline for years to come.