Building Transformation's 3D modelling app can help bring your ideas for your building to life.

Save money on re-cladding and choose the right repair, respray and colour matching.

We help building owners and managers transform their building through the power of colour.

By introducing new colour schemes, you can reinvigorate your building and showcase it’s true potential.

Rendered, cladded, and painted facades will need redecoration in time, but does the colour still fit your needs? Why not see what another painting or recoating solution would look like on your façade.

Save money on re-cladding with redecoration and colour matching solutions

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    Some might find it hard to visualise how a restored façade can add real value to the building, occupants, and surrounding environment. With our 3D modelling app, we can help bring your ideas to life and ensure your building is fit for the 21st century.

    We can take your building in its current state and design your ideal vision, highlighting limitations, risks and making variations along the journey so you can design and budget to refurbish a building to your exact requirements. We help you transform your building through the power of colour. By introducing new colour schemes, you can reinvigorate your building and showcase its true potential.


    With 3D technology, we can demonstrate how façades decay, weather, and decline while you can view, interact with, and fully appreciate the future restored façade. Our app aligns both positive and negative façade decay and protection solutions over the predicted lifespan of the building, helping bring to life the true benefits of a façade restoration project.

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    Benefits of 3D modelling and pre-project visualisation include

    • Our design service is free, it forms part of our service and delivery package
    • Create a building of your choice, choose a colour to suit your brand
    • Standout! Create a stronger, bolder and more engaging building
    • We help you design the buildings colour scheme

    • Increase the lifespan of your building by another 20-30 years
    • Save money on removing and re-cladding
    • Repair, clean, and re-coat with minimal impact to building users
    • Invest in a façade refurbishment project that fits your long-term vision

    Introducing new colour schemes and opportunities for building fabric

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