Planned Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance services and for Modern & Historic Roofs and Facades

Façade Experts offers planned and preventive building maintenance solutions for modern, historic, and difficult to access buildings. Building maintenance comes with various challenges, from accessing hard to reach areas to using the proper cleaning solutions for the façade and roof.
Our roof and façade planned maintenance services offer effective solutions for all major properties. Whether it is a modern office building, historic building, or just a property with accessibility challenges, we offer flexible solutions focusing on customer satisfaction.

The Importance of Routine Preventive Building Maintenance

Regular scheduled building maintenance is essential for the longevity of a property. Both modern and historic buildings face all kinds of wear and tear over the years, from constant exposure to rain and sun to various pollutants from nearby buildings and traffic.
These lead to all kinds of problems for a property, including an unclean façade, dirty windows, organic growth, rotting, damp, leaks, and much more. The key to avoiding a building falling into disrepair is effective building maintenance.
For example, roof maintenance services identify possible issues that may develop into something more serious, like a major leak. They also help keep the roof clean and free from debris, misusing damage to the membrane or shingles.
Preventive maintenance is much cheaper and less disruptive than full blown repairs!
Similarly, façade maintenance ensures the removal of unwanted substances on the exterior of the building. If left unmaintained, the façade may develop stains like algae, grime, and soot. These don’t just look unpleasant but also cause structural damage if not removed.
So, by using regular building maintenance services, you ensure a building is well maintained, avoiding more serious issues from developing or catching them before they get worse.
Either way, building maintenance can save a fortune by avoiding expensive and unnecessary repairs

Our Planned Building Maintenance and Preventive Building Maintenance Services

We offer an expansive range of building maintenance services that available for modern and historic buildings. This service is especially useful for buildings with accessibility issues that limits maintenance capabilities, such as high roofs or an awkward shaped façade.

Planned and Preventive Roof Maintenance

Our planned and preventive roof maintenance service primarily focuses on removing loose debris that accumulates across the roof. We complete a general inspection to look for signs of damages on shingles or roof membranes, one of the main causes of roof leaks.
We also clean the roof to remove organic growth like moss and algae, while also providing treatments to prevent future growth. Available for flat and pitched roofs, we use the latest access equipment to ensure safe inspection and maintenance.

Preventive Façade Maintenance

Whether it is a routine clean or an inspection, our façade maintenance services provide fast and efficient access to the exterior of a building. From here, we conduct various aspects of façade maintenance, including:
• Window Cleaning
• Stone, Brick, and Masonry Cleaning
• Moss and Mould Removal
• Paint Removal
• Façade Inspections and Surveys
All building maintenance services are completed by trained and experienced technicians. Each member is fully accredited and compliant with current onsite safety regulations. Services are available as a one-off or as part of on-going building maintenance.
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External maintenance solutions for the complete building envelope

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    At Building Transformation, we believe in our client first, portfolio focused approach by working with you at every step of the way to create and effectively undertake bespoke roof and façade maintenance service solutions right for your building and budget. Providing services and information to help you make informed and cost-effective decisions for the sustainable maintenance and management of your building fabric.

    Understanding potential issues with your building envelope mean we can quickly and accurately identify, repair, and stop problems developing at the earliest stage, saving you from larger repair bills and upheaval in the future. With a survey or investigation, we‘ll create a crystal clear picture of the current condition of your building. From there onwards, we build flexible solutions that fit with your property portfolio or building management requirements.

    We have a strong proven track record of accessing a wide variety of roofs, façades, and structures, identifying and resolving leak related and fabric failure problems. envelope and will identify any possible issues that you are, or could soon be facing. No matter how challenging the access is, we’ll provide a complete solution from the initial investigation through to supporting the development of maintenance planning schedules and budgeting. A great example is our recent work with Moor House where various access methods were used including abseiling, MEWP, and cradle to reach all aspects of the façade.

    At Building Transformation, we provide the right solutions you need to protect and maximise the lifespan, condition and performance of your building envelope.

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    Benefits of a complete building maintenance solution

    • Increase ROI by extending the life of your building.
    • Maximise the effectiveness of your maintenance budget.
    • Access every part of your building envelope.
    • The knowledge provided by surveys means you can prioritise works within budgets.
    • Programmes and access adjusted to meet onsite and tenant’s requirements.
    • Increase the performance, condition, and lifespan of your building envelope.

    • Build an understanding of your building’s issues, risks, and health.
    • Protecting your building envelope from leaks, corrosion, and gutter failure.
    • Leaks found and stopped in their early stage, saving money long term.
    • Detailed Leak Investigation means precise and accurate repairs.

    Abseiling solutions to maintain, restore, and protect your building envelope

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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