Specialists in surveys, maintenance, repairs, and refurbishment services for façades and roofs.

We repair, maintain, and restore aging or failing façades and roofs with complete life-cycle solutions. From technical surveys, leak investigations, future maintenance planning, and repairs to specialist refurbishment and restoration, we pro-actively maintain materials rather than large scale replacement.

As a leading façade maintenance and refurbishment service provider, we are innovators in the creation of building fabric care programmes. Our total lifecycle solution helps provide efficient care solutions to refurbish, restore, maintain and protect against weathering, decay and failure of your building façade with sensitivity, care and longevity in mind.

From pre-project testing, 3D modelling and lifecycle planning solutions, our innovative approach addresses the whole building envelope.

Put simply, we revolutionise the lifespan of your building asset

Sustainability is not a trend, but an attitude, Andras Engelhart

Enhancing façade and building performance starts with sustainable façade design and building management.

Creative façade design, material innovation and integration are leading the way in façade construction but there’s very little consideration given to how current and future façades can be used to create more sustainable environments.

Now, it’s about implementing sustainable building management solutions that help the built environment play its part in supporting sustainability objectives.

Do you have a future project in mind? Do you need a different approach?

Are you are looking for a more flexible project approach to the maintenance of your building façade and roof? An approach that is solution driven with essential works in mind, planned based on your priorities and maybe requiring different access options? Or do you wish to explore cost saving exercises for maintaining your façade and roof?

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