A unique collection of specialist working at height, façade, glazing, atrium and roof maintenance solutions designed to service and protect the complete building envelope.

From Government buildings t0 high security working zones, our team is engaged, proactive and trustworthy.

From initial condition surveys and material lab testing to digital defect mapping and detailed reporting, we support our clients with evidence and clarity. Armed with information we can effectively target repairs, drive efficiency in project delivery and access planning. We adapt, innovate and help our clients protect and maintain property assets.

Our skills and access expertise span across tall, difficult to access and modern buildings, along with work with on historic fabric and masonry. Working at heights management and safety compliance is critical, whilst our approach to maintaining all building fabric is consistently sensitive and documented.

Our passion for protecting the building fabric, best practice, compliance and conservation has resulted in the development of a range services that can support throughout a project life cycle. From an initial condition survey, building a specification, delivery plan and access strategies, through to full project delivery, we are here to support, implement and execute the agreed plan.

Our work with historic buildings is aligned with the philosophies of Historic England and English Heritage, using sympathetic methods of restoration for façade or roof projects.

We have a strong and proven track record within the heritage building, high end hotel and commercial building sector and the MOD estate throughout the UK. Our skilled personnel have full SC MOD clearance and we are a trusted service provider able to work across a broad spectrum of building conditions and access challenges.

By providing transparent information and reports, our focus is to help you make informed decisions best suited to your project, property’s condition or budget. We can help at every theoretical and practical stage.

From technical façade or roof condition surveys, non-destructive leak detection investigations, abseiling access strategies, difficult to access maintenance, traditional roof repairs, specialist coatings or full external restoration, we use a range of repair methods to tailor our approach to solving façade, glazing, atrium and roof defects.

Put simply, we revolutionise the performance and lifespan of your building asset

Evidence based, detail focused and best practice solutions to help you survey, investigate, repair, refurbish or access a façade, roof, atrium, high-level glazing panel or difficult to access structures.

Alternatively, call our team of experts today on 01234 589807.

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