Building cleaning and Façade restoration solutions for Listed, Commercial and Industrial Buildings in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Across the UK

The objective of building cleaning and restoration isn’t merely the preservation of the building.

The external envelope of a building may deteriorate over time due to a variety of factors, including a lack of regular maintenance, weathering, mechanical damage, stress and degrading agents. This can result in structural decay, failure, and poor performance. The aftermath of such a scenario presents enormous challenges and headaches for the building managers as well as the owners of the building.

With a range of building cleaning and façade restoration solutions, we clean buildings and facades, restore buildings and refurbish roofs and façades. By understanding why you’re looking to clean or restore your external building, enables our team to build effective building cleaning and façade restoration solutions whilst working within any listed, Industrial or commercial building.

Bring your building back to life with complete building cleaning and restoration solutions

Simply put, we can repair, clean, and fully restore your building’s external envelope!

Specialist Façade Restoration & Roof Maintenance ¦ Facade Experts - Building Cleaning Specialists

Unique collection of façade and roof services developed to maintain, restore and protect beautiful buildings, modern and historic architecture. 

From technical surveys, specialist repairs, maintenance or full restoration services, our portfolio demonstrates depth and success.
A positive and people focused business collectively driven towards high performance and detailed client services.

We love façade architecture, both contemporary and historic. Our passion for beautiful buildings has resulted in the development of a
niche collection of services designed to help repair, restore and protect buildings.

As market leaders we are evidence based, ensuring research, information, examples, ideas, and solutions are provided to help you in your
project journey. With transparent information, our focus is to help you make informed decisions best suited to your project, properties condition
or budget. We can help at every practical stage.

Technical façade or roof condition surveys, non-destructive leak detection investigations, traditional roof repairs, specialist redecoration,
stone repairs or full external restoration, we use a range of specialist and conservation driven techniques to inspect, test, repair, access,
a replace,restore and maintain modern, listed and architecturally sensitive buildings.

Put simply, we revolutionise the performance and lifespan of your building asset

 Sustainability is not a trend, but an attitude.
Andras Engelhart

As towns and cities continue to grow outwards and upwards, so does the need to design and implement game-changing construction solutions.

Façades and roofs account for a significant proportion of the building composition, so it’s only logical that they are maintained with the correct
understanding, consideration and approach.

Everything we do is driven towards helping every type of building live and perform for longer. Through a sensitive and considered approach
while working with a broad range of materials and fabric we help weathered, aged or failing materials live and breathe for longer.

Through expertise, solutions, tools, ideas and knowledge, we help create more sustainable buildings, urban and community spaces.

We develop solutions that help drive the performance, condition and lifespan of façades and roofs.

Evidence based, detail focused and best practice solutions to help you on your journey.

Are you are looking for a more flexible project approach to the maintenance of your building façade and roof? An approach that is solution driven with essential works in mind, planned based on your priorities and maybe requiring different access options? Or do you wish to explore cost saving exercises for maintaining your façade and roof?

We can help you with all the above and more. We will focus on helping you make decisions so that you achieve what’s right for your property,
estate and budget.

Alternatively, call our team of experts today on 01234 589807.

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