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    Façade inspections, condition surveys, annual fabric auditing and technical assessments for tall, modern and difficult to access façades.


    Using abseiling or cradle access, we provide critical condition insight, risk and defect identification. We ensure compliance and support with digital information for analysis and targeted building management solutions.

    Through detailed façade defect audits, condition analysis, integrity testing and digital risk mapping, we create action plans and reports which are instrumental in helping clients with priority budgeting.

    We help building and asset managers make informed decisions on remediation priorities, access planning and budgeting for buildings. This includes planned inspections of buildings constructed with glazing, architectural cladding and curtain walling.

    Our team of expert rope access and working at height engineers capture and document information to help remedy defective and failing façades. Using a variety of technology and toolkits, we can generate detailed and dynamic 3D defect models and pinpoint locations for assessment, investigation and remediation.

    Our open and transparent approach allows clients to monitor daily programme updates through our unique drop marking technology, ensuring programme clarity and working locations, along with daily completed compliance updates. By uploading data throughout a project, clients can see progress in real-time.

    We aim to deliver a holistic and comprehensive solution to the maintenance requirements for tall modern buildings and architecture.

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    Façade inspections, condition surveys, annual audits and technical assessments

    • Full building façade condition surveys
    • Digital defect mapping and risk profiling
    • Comprehensive data for building management systems
    • 3D modelling and elevation specification action plans
    • Annual repair budgeting and programming
    • Annual façade audits and inspections

    • Glazing inspections, water testing & sealant inspection
    • Coating thickness inspections for curtain walling
    • High-level building repairs and maintenance
    • Grouting and resin injections
    • Concrete protection and reinstatement
    • Brick and stone repairs or replacement

    Adaptable building access solutions for any project

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access


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