Complete Exterior Building Painting and Redecoration Services in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Brighton, across the UK.

Building Transformation provides reliable exterior painting and redecoration for residential and commercial properties.
Just like inside the home, redecorating the exterior of a house is a great way to improve the aesthetics while improving the surface durability. This makes it a great investment for homeowners looking to sell or add value to their property.
For a commercial property, aesthetics plays an integral role in how your business is perceived. A clean property with fresh paintwork will always look more appealing for a potential customer, highlighting how worthwhile it is.

Professional Exterior Building Painting and Redecoration Services

Our team of painters and decorators come are highly experienced and come with full trade accreditation. This ensures the highest quality of work for every customer, providing a reliable service that is often lacking from some tradespeople.
They understand the best painting and decorating processes for buildings of every scope and size. Whether it’s a small home or multi-storey building, our painters understand the unique challenges of outdoor painting and decorating.
Yes, it is possible to complete building painting yourself, although this process is far from easy. Moreover, exterior painting comes with various safety risks, especially when working at high heights without suitable equipment.
Our team come equipped with all the necessary tools for outdoor painting and decorating. They complete the work to the highest standards, leaving a beautiful finish that not only improves the property aesthetic but also its durability.

Our Building Painting Process

When it comes to exterior painting, every client has their own requirements. So, our service is tailor-made to the needs of each customer, whether its an entire property or a single wall.
Our process starts with preparation. The more you prepare a property before painting it, the better the paintwork looks, so we take time to thoroughly prepare the site. This includes inspecting all surface areas before conducting a deep clean.
Cleaning the surface removes unwanted substances (such as dirt, grime, and organic growth), ensuring better application of paint on the base surface. Our painters use the latest cleaning solutions and tools to quickly yet efficient clean the surface prior to painting.
Once clean, we apply several layers of paint across the surface. By adding each layer to a clean base, the finish paintjob looks immaculate. Should there be some imperfections on the surface, we’ll apply a surface treatment to smooth it out for improved application.
We can also conduct repairs to any surface material before painting it. Exterior building materials face a lot of wear and tear, so we can treat various materials before starting the paintwork. This includes replacing rotted wood, sealing cracks and splits, and filling holes in brickwork.

When is the Best Time for Outdoor Painting and Decorating?

Given the uncertainty of the British weather, it is difficult to determine the best time for to paint your building. We always recommend hiring the service during the drier seasons, while it is a good idea to paint when temperatures range from 10 to 30°C.

Bring your façade back to life with façade redecoration, painting & protection

Technical fabric advice, evidence-based support or a fresh perspective! Talk to Us Today.

    Do you want to paint your building, but are unsure how it will look? Are you unsure what colours or coating systems to use? Not only can we clean, repair, redecorate and respray your façade, but also provide you with pre-project design colour concepts to help with colour selection.

    Damaged or failing façades can be successfully restored with an effective redecoration solution. Our façade painting and refurbishment works are undertaken with the complete building finish in mind. This is why over the past 2 years we have completed full façade redecoration projects for Manchester City Council, Land Securities, Savills & Knight Frank. Before undertaking any painting, we carry out structural, condition inspections and any other relevant substrate testing, along with standard crosshatch testing to ensure that the painting systems bond to the surface.

    Our redecoration methodologies comply with BS 6150:2006- A1:2014 for painting and re-coating buildings. We use masonry paints which are naturally breathable, eco friendly and help protect the façade from organic growth including moss, lichens and algae.  We are passionate about restoring, maintaining and cleaning building façades and bringing them back to life, breathing new life into the building skin. Contact us for an initial consultation and we can review previous schemes, products and design options with you.

    See how you can breathe new life into your façade

    Traditional methods of redecoration for listed, commercial & tall buildings

    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, and scaffolding
    • External building painting and redecoration
    • Industrial building painting and re-spraying
    • Cladding painting and industrial roof coatings
    • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs

    • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation
    • Application of protective coating and weathering sealants
    • Balcony or balustrade repairs and redecoration
    • Building façade cleaning
    • Protective façade coatings

    External building painting and redecoration solutions

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

    One Dedicated Team

    Specialist Building Access


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