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    We strive to deliver a solution that fits with our clients’ core project aims. From technical coating specification support, adhesion testing, colour matching, corrosion inspections, conservation planning and methodology reviews to demonstrations or full project delivery and management, we aim to guide our clients through the correct redecoration journey.

    Our rope access services range from paint removal, rope access painting services, masonry repointing, façade and roof repairs and redecoration, from the roof down to the ground. We can also undertake replacement of architectural details such as weathered stone façades, balustrades, stone/timber sash windows and porticos. A great recent example is the iconic Brighton Hilton Metropole.

    Due to improper maintenance and degradation agents, the building envelope begins to eventually suffer. The negative impact can be seen with loss of the original colour of the façades making them appear lifeless and dull. To prevent deterioration and to increase the performance and lifespan of the building envelope, we work with each and every client to identify and design recommendations for the restoration, refurbishment and redecoration in complete compliance with BS 6150:2006- A1:2014 for painting and recoating buildings.

    Our specialist abseil technicians work holistically with the building envelope, including roofs and façades, to provide rope access painting services aligned with the client’s visual, safety and performance requirements. Speak to a member of our technical team to discover more about our approach.

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    Comprehensive abseil painting and external redecoration solutions:

    • Specification development, method and materials selection
    • Paint removal, paint sampling, lead testing, lab sampling and materials analysis
    • Blending matching materials and products
    • Colour, product matching and search services
    • All aspects of masonry repairs including stone carving and full restoration work
    • Development of different styles, profiles, textures and colours

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