Roof and Facade condition surveys, investigations, and reports. Building condition surveys help you to understand what is happening with all areas of your building envelope

A complete access solution for listed and commercial buildings, façades, and roofs.

From technical façade condition surveys, developing a specification to repair activities that build from your façade inspection, we can help.

Why Choose Building Transformation?

Understand the condition of your roof or facade at a high level, with a range of specialist access solutions to survey, inspect, test, or stabilise weak and failing materials on your building, or gather essential information as part of your maintenance and budget planning.

Specialist pre-project testing and condition surveys for historic buildings

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    Comprehensive roof condition surveys will provide you with the evidence to improve your roof asset management objectives. From defect identification, core sampling, adhesion testing, specification development, failure diagnosis, repair solutions and budget planning, we provide information to help you make informed and effective roof management decisions.

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    The roof condition survey will highlight critical actions, short term priority risks and repair options. From government buildings and hospitals, to universities and hotels throughout the UK and Ireland, we can devise a tailor made solution with detailing and budget.

    Building Transformation can access and complete roof and façade condition surveys for a wide variety of buildings and structures. Challenging access solutions are what we do best; using rope access, MEWPs and cradles we are able to access your complete building fabric for surveying, leak detection, repair or waterproofing.

    Our thorough, detailed orientated reports can provide a sound basis for the development of maintenance and inspection regimes, as well as assist with long-term replacement planning.

    In order to undertake remedial works it is vital to identify existing defects and the reasons for roof condition deterioration. Our team can provide you with a detailed picture of your building’s issues, risks and health, saving potentially large repair or restoration bills in the future.

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    Technical roof surveys, reports and repairs

    • Technical roof condition surveys and reports
    • Roof repair and budget plans
    • Specification development and liaison with conservation planning
    • Specialist, comprehensive roof surveying services designed to provide a seamless client experience.

    • We adjust all methods to suit the building’s conditions and build up the testing processes
    • Solutions are designed for both historic and modern buildings and structures
    • We can support with any listed building planning consent

    Roof surveying and defect diagnosis throughout the UK and Ireland

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access


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