High-level building repairs with BMU, cradles and specialist hoist access solutions

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    Sensitive, non-abrasive and conservation-based façade and external structural cleaning by abseiling methods and specialist rope access. Whether your building is stone, brick, terracotta, painted or coated; listed, heritage, religious or commercial, we guarantee to develop a transparent specification and solution helping you to put together a solid business case or an effective maintenance plan.

    Methods of rope access restoration are adjusted according to suit façade soiling type and its severity. From super-heated steam, aggregate, chemical, poultice or heat-based solutions, we develop effective rope access cleaning services, specifications and programmes fully aligned to the BS 8221-1:2012: cleaning and surface repair of painting buildings.

    Nitrogen oxide, sulphur, organic growth, UV rays, moisture and other degradation agents contribute to the deterioration and decay of a façade. The factors individually or altogether can take a heavy toll on the overall stability and performance of the external envelope of buildings, leading to deterioration, failure and poor performance.

    To consistently ensure peace of mind, our high access cleaning approach is equipped with a complete set of method statements and risk assessments, coupled with a comprehensive set of health and safety guidelines. Our craftsmen use a wide variety of sympathetic methods and cleaning agents to clean and restore difficult to access buildings.

    Working with modern, listed, tall, and challenging to access building structures we always ensure the final results are in line with your vision.

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    Sympathetic high level façade cleaning and restoration solutions tailored to your building :

    • Façade rope access cleaning services and restoration: super-heated steam, Nebulus, and poultice cleaning
    • Façade inspection and condition surveys
    • Masonry, concrete, and façade material repairs
    • Blending matching materials and products
    • Installation of rainwater goods and guttering

    • Joinery and timber repairs including window sills, sash window decoration and painting
    • Full façade cleaning, repairs, and redecoration
    • Sympathetic and traditional cleaning agents/methods
    • Total access solutions: abseiling, cradles, tower hoist and MEWPS
    • External building painting and redecoration

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