Pre-project testing and condition surveying carried out on site with our unique mobile testing van

Solutions for masonry, render & cladding, solutions for listed, commercial & tall buildings.

By using our testing van we can give mobile demonstrations of our cleaning methods, capturing the information needed to build confidence, and give accurate project costs and programmes.

Pre-project testing and condition surveys for modern and historic buildings

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    Pre-project test trials help to specify correct solutions, methods and processes for your project. If you are looking for greater cost, method, and programme certainty contact us today and request your onsite test.

    Detailed pre-project condition surveys and test trials minimise risk. They build the knowledge bank and value needed to ensure you refurbish your building using the correct methods and processes. If you want various options and budget variations, testing is your solution.


    No matter your façade fabric, we guarantee to develop a testing solution by gathering the information you need to build a solid business case, budget, or maintenance plan. Read our testimonials to discover our previous success stories or view our design page for potential redesign options.


    We know clients want much greater clarity at the beginning of the project. That’s why we have a dedicated surveying team who can provide clients with the information they need to effectively restore the building envelope.

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    Why choose Building Transformation for your pre-project testing and surveying solutions

    Façade cleaning and paint removal test trials with sensitive chemical, aggregate, and steam methods

    If you'd like any further technical advice please call us on

    01234 589807