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    Façade Cleaning Test Trials & Onsite Pre-Project Testing Services

    We undertake façade cleaning test trials in line with English Heritage and Historic England philosophies, using minimal intervention techniques. We can use a wide variety of methods to restore buildings or strip paint. From super-heated steam, aggregate, chemical, poultice or heat-based solutions, we develop effective façade cleaning methods, specifications and programmes. Please review the sample report below for a more in-depth overview of our services.

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    The cleaning history of buildings is often poorly documented and the key details are left unclear. With limited information available, clients trust service providers to provide the best options or costs possible, which may result in over-cleaning or abrasive cleaning methods being used. Detailed pre-project condition surveys and cleaning test trials minimise such risks. They build the knowledge bank needed to ensure you refurbish and repair your building using precise methods and processes. If you want the best possible options and budget variations, testing should be your preferred solution.

    Façade cleaning test trials are instrumental in specifying the correct solutions, methods and processes for your project. They create alignment, understanding and build value. A guaranteed solution of ensuring everyone involved in your project is on the same page from the outset. Read some of our recent examples of work at Bloomberg.

    Regardless of your façade fabric, we guarantee to develop a testing solution by gathering the information you need to build a solid business case, budget, or maintenance plan. We know clients want complete clarity at the beginning of the project. That’s why we have a dedicated surveying team who can provide clients with the information they need to effectively restore the building envelope. If you are looking for greater cost, method, and programme certainty contact us today and speak to a senior technical surveyor to learn more about our onsite testing procedures.


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    Why choose Building Transformation for your façade cleaning testing trial

    • Test trials create proof of concept, a vision and value on investment
    • A proven specification can be developed from testing, thus limiting damage
    • Cost and programme clarity can be developed from an understanding of the methods
    • By using ‘super-heated water’ we avoid abrasive and chemical cleaning
    • We mitigate damage and façade material failure by adapting specialist techniques

    • Methods adjusted to ensure that each building and façade type receives a tailored solution
    • We adjust all methods to suit the building’s conditions and build up the testing processes
    • Solutions are designed for both historic and modern buildings and structures
    • We can support with any listed building planning consent

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