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    High-level glazing inspections, digital surveys, dilapidations surveys, specialist leak detection, spray bar testing, thermal imaging, targeted repairs and effective resealing solutions for tall buildings and difficult to access glazing. Reactive, emergency or planned maintenance, we support clients with a complete access and glazing maintenance solution.


    Abseiling, temporary cradles, MEWPs or temporary fall protection solutions, we can access to create safe and efficient high level glazing maintenance solutions.

    We provide building managers, asset managers and property owners with a fast, reliable and compliant high-level glazing maintenance solution. We are able to remedy leaking, cracked, loose and fragile glazing units with reactive round-the-clock solutions for hotels, commercial and government buildings.

    For leaking modern glazing units that are difficult to access, we focus on delivering a range of specialist leak detection methods by abseiling or onsite cradles as this permits quick and safe testing access. We use digital reporting and defect tracking tools to pinpoint defective glazing areas on the panels and then complete repairs which can be monitored for leaks or thermal loss.

    We aim to ensure your high-level glazing or walkway atriums glazing units are secure, leak free, clean and fully operational. Where required we can deep clean the high-level glazing to help uncover any condition concerns if the panels have not been maintained.

    To keep the light flowing through your atrium, we can deep clean the glazing panels and replace sealant units (where shrunken or defective) to ensure that each glazing unit is fully functional, clean and watertight. If the panel is cracked, broken or requires replacement, we can match and source new panels even without onsite O&M manuals in place.

    If your high-level glazing unit is failing, leaking or fragile, contact us and we can help.

    Total access for high-level glazing and difficult to access atrium leaks and repairs

    • Leak investigations for difficult to access atrium and high-level glazing.
    • Sealant replacement, gasket repairs and defect mapping.
    • Specialist rope access repairs, sealants and fabric stabilisation.
    • Deep cleaning of high-level glazing and atrium glazing units.
    • Replacement of defective panels.

    • Condition and sealant surveys for atriums and high-level glazing.
    • IRATA compliant rope access working methods of access.
    • Installation of new cold liquid waterproofing systems.
    • Specialist roofing support to ensure watertight roofs.
    • Installation of new rain water systems.

    Reactive services for high level glazing

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access


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