What’s the Cost of Commercial Window Cleaning?

Wondering exactly how much you’ll have to pay to have the windows of your office, warehouse or retail outlet cleaned? If the building is large then chances are it contains a fair amount of glass. And that means more washing and wiping. In other words, the amount of glass that needs cleaned in the first place certainly affects commercial window cleaning prices.

Building height and location matters

Another factor we take in to account when costing a commercial window cleaning project, is how tall the building is. At which point we have to consider whether we will require abseil access or the use of a trolley, perhaps even a crane-type system, such as a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP).

Often this is dictated by the location of the building ie it may prove too unwieldy and dangerous to position a large MEWP on a public footpath in a busy high street.

Type of windows involved

Then again, the window cleaning cost depends on the design of the windows themselves. Original Georgian windows, with their individual squares can take twice as long to clean as single glass panes, for example. The exception being the newer Georgian style windows where the panes are built into the glass, meaning the window can be cleaned in a similar fashion to a single glass pane.


Number of workers involved in the project

When using a more complicated system of cleaning at height ie abseiling or a MEWP then more than one worker will be involved. This will also affect commercial window cleaning prices since we’ll be paying the cost of two workmen, or even three to oversee the equipment. For instance, in the case of the MEWP, at least three workers are involved – one drives the machine, another cleans the building and a third worker ensures there is no harm to the public from ground level. Then there is the cost of the equipment to factor in – it’s not unusual for a MEWP to cost up to £1,200 to hire for one day.

Timescales – is the job urgent?

And then we have the timescale ie how quickly you would like the job to be completed. An urgent commercial window cleaning project requires us to bring in extra employees or to reshuffle existing jobs to prioritise your own.

Quality of water

It may be that in order to get a shiny, streak-fee finish on the glass we need to employ a water purifying system. This involves the use of membranes and filters to remove any existing sediment in the tap water. If required then this will also have an effect on commercial window cleaning prices.

One way to bring down the cost of your commercial window cleaning may be to use the service regularly. In that way you may receive a long-term client discount as appreciation of your loyalty to the cleaning company.


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