What is Industrial Abseiling?

When people think of abseiling, the main images conjured up involve amazing feats for charity or daring ascents down steep mountainsides. Industrial abseiling however, is a safe and cost-effective alternative to regular access methods for cleaning, maintaining and restoring building façades and other external features. Industrial abseiling removes the need for scaffolding and is a popular alternative for powered access methods such as the use of cherry pickers or scissor lifts in restoration and maintenance.

Industrial abseiling is a speedy and efficient alternative to the norms in building repair and maintenance and when you consider all that is needed is a rope system and trained professionals, services and jobs can often be completed in the time it would take to erect scaffolding or install the right powered access machinery.

Why opt for Industrial Abseiling for your Building?

Rope access industrial abseiling is an ideal alternative for buildings which are more complex than your standard construction. It is particularly useful for high level access and accessing buildings which are restricted or inaccessible through the alternative methods. Below are some of reasons you may want to consider industrial abseiling services for your building repair and maintenance:


Almost every type of building and structure can be accessed with ropes. Experienced technicians can adapt their rope services to all manner of buildings including those on different terrains, in unusual environments and reaching significant heights. Rope access equipment for industrial abseiling is extremely flexible and can reach areas which are impossible with traditional equipment such as confined spaces like chimneys.


Rope technicians are highly experienced professionals who may use their rope skills in many different trades. This can be especially useful if you have a number of different jobs needed to fix or maintain your property. Jobs could include cleaning tasks, glazing, restoration of brick or stonework and ceiling repairs. Qualified rope technicians may be able to carry out all jobs without needing to bring different professionals in each time.


Industrial abseiling is subject to significant safety regulations and controls. There are always new safety measures being put in place and only those who are specifically trained and experienced are allowed to carry out this kind of work. You can read more in our blog post, how to carry out work at height safely.


While you don’t want work to be carried out too quickly, so mistakes are made, industrial abseiling is a quicker service in general than alternatives. Mobilisation and setup times are quick, and rigging can be complete in a couple of hours, rather than the many that are involved in erecting scaffolding. Once workers are able to gain access, they can get started and work efficiently to carry out any tasks required.

Budget Friendly

With less equipment involved and significantly less time on setting up, as well as less manpower, rope access work is often the most cost-effective solution for many buildings. Rope access technicians can get to work quickly and finish the job in good time, ensuring no unnecessary funds are spent on man hours. There is much less time spent on equipment hire and setting up as you do not need to pay for the erection of any platforms.

Industrial abseiling has become much more popular as the complexity of modern architecture requires more than your standard access methods. As buildings get higher, we need more effective ways of accessing them and abseiling has become key in the maintenance and cleaning of some of our tallest buildings and skyscrapers. What’s more, as historic and listed buildings age, the need to respect and take care with their façade means you often can’t simply erect scaffolding and expect them to remain undamaged, which is where abseiling is once again a great option.