What Does Rope Access Cleaning and Restoration Entail?

Rope access, or industrial abseiling, is a popular alternative to other access methods which may not be suitable for certain cleaning and restoration projects.  As discussed in our previous blog post, Rope Access Restoration for Modern Buildings and Structures, each access method has its own merits and pitfalls but rope access is particularly useful when presented with the challenges of modern architecture and high-rise buildings.  In a world where architecture is being stretched beyond the limits of the human imagination, it’s often rope access which provides the solution for these majestic buildings.

The Merits of Rope Access

Industrial abseiling means that time-consuming and costly scaffolding erection can be avoided and cumbersome powered access such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts can be kept to a minimum, or left out entirely.  Of course, there is a place for all methods of access, but what is important is knowing and evaluating your options.  One highly-trained rope access technician can make a significant difference to your cleaning or restoration project when it comes to both budget and time management expectations.

Sensitivity and Efficiency

The beauty of rope access is that it can be used on almost all building types; whether you have a high-rise luxury apartment block or a listed heritage building, a rope access technician will have a plethora of skills that can be applied to many aspects of building cleaning and restoration.  One highly trained individual may be able to carry out masonry repairs as well as cleaning aspects, so this may minimise the need to bring in a specialist for each and every individual task.

Rope Access Cleaning and Restoration can cover many areas:

  • Façade Condition Surveys
  • Grouting and resin injection
  • High-level repairs and maintenance
  • Bridge inspections and structural surveys
  • Stone and brickwork replacement and reinstatement
  • Protection of brickwork or concrete
  • Protective coating application
  • External painting and decorative services
  • Façade cleaning
  • Glazing and window cleaning
  • Roof repairs
  • Gutter surveys, maintenance and replacement
  • Canopy clearing
  • Fascia board replacement
  • Heritage/listed building repairs and redecoration

More about Rope Access Services

Anyone involved with building or property management will no doubt have been caught short at some point in needing speedy, reactive maintenance or advice.  We have the skills and expertise when it comes to all forms of cleaning and restoration solutions but we know that not everyone will have worked with rope access services before.  Sometimes scaffolding is simply unsuitable for a project, and rope access can more easily and cost effectively help you to achieve the results you need without risking the integrity of the building façade.

Rope technicians can make the job look very easy, but actually many technicians will have a wealth of qualifications under their belt. The IRATA International qualification is the absolute Holy Grail for any rope access technician, and the organisation’s rigorous training and development programme ensures that IRATA-qualified technicians are at the forefront of the industry.  It’s imperative that any rope access technician you may use on a project has the necessary qualifications and is able to prove proof of this. If you’re looking for a technician to perform a variety of tasks, it may be worth checking that they also have experience in the specific restoration skills you are looking for.