The importance of facade inspections – especially as winter approaches

Whether you own or manage a commercial building, university estate, school, hospital or multi storey car park, its condition counts. No matter what the function of your property, we can help to boost its value and your brand by ensuring it looks its best at all times.

As the winter weather approaches, here’s a list of the top 5 ‘must dos’ to protect your building asset – and we can help with all of these!


    • HOLES OR LEAKS: Inspect facades, weather stripping and insulation for holes or leaks, and make sure you repair to prevent energy loss and costly long term problems.


    • INSPECT THE ROOF: Roofs can take a beating during the winter. Flat roofs need regular inspection and maintenance. Make sure the roofs don’t have areas where ice or heavy snow will pile up. It’s worth scheduling weekly inspections, looking for a build up of water, ice, or snow. Protecting a pitch roof is similar. Make sure you inspect roof vents and tiles before the snow falls, and check all of the waterproofing seals on the edges of the roof.


    • DRAINAGE: Check your drains, gutters and downspouts! Snow or ice can interfere with normal drainage paths even as they melt. If the gutter is blocked, drainage can be redirected to an area within the building envelope, which could prove costly.


    • LOOSE OR FALLING DEBRIS: first things first, look for any metal or brick on the ground and concentrations of rust. If anything doesn’t look right, we can do some further investigations across the building envelope.


    • UNUSUAL STAINING: Can you see any red or brown marks from rust (which could result from corrosion) or efflorescence, a chalky substance found on masonry and brick? This could mean issues with the air barrier or breather membrane. We can help you resolve this quickly and cost effectively.

Façade inspections and cleaning test trials will give you clarity, cost and programme certainty. A simple survey enables you to visualise the real benefits of façade restoration, how the building may look on completion and to understand how we achieve the results through effective demonstration. We want to start our journey with you by creating an honest and open dialogue, helping you achieve your building restoration needs.