Project Coordination of Cornerhouse, Nottingham

Projects are where we put our reputation on the line, and when we get the opportunity to show that we can deliver amazing results. Every job is unique and challenging in its own way, but the coordination and planning of a project play a pivotal role in its success.

As Project Coordinator, I’m responsible for ensuring that project planning and organisation is conducted smoothly and efficiently to ensure that projects can be delivered to the high standards we promise our clients. Our brand values are all about creating community and value for our clients, and the quality we deliver is largely dependent on how well organised we are pre-project. We spend time thoroughly checking everything from licenses, permits, noise disruption, scheduling and the way we appear on site and present ourselves: if a job isn’t planned and prepared for correctly, the delivery and the result for the client will not be successful.

A recent project for Land Securities was the most challenging in terms of project coordination. There were many aspects to consider to ensure the delivery of the project could run smoothly, and that we could leave site knowing we provided the Client with the best possible outcome. The site was The Cornerhouse in Nottingham’s city centre; works could only be conducted at night due to the busy location, and with a tight time frame for work each night, we had to maximise each working shift.

We liaised with the local council to arrange for the relevant licenses, so we could use our access equipment on site and reduce our impact on the local residents. There’ll always be a degree of disruption involved due to the nature of the works we carry out — being a hot spot for night-life we had to take more care and design our works program around this. We chose not to conduct works on Fridays and Saturdays: there was simply too much risk around health and safety.

Another element of project coordination is the project scheduling and communication with the client. We provided daily updates on works, addressed any issues found and provided bespoke solutions. Programme Schedules are designed and distributed to the client, using all the relevant information from the Council, Traffic Management, client and the availability of contractors, access to site and time.

From my perspective, I took great satisfaction in seeing the hard work I’d put into organising the project pay off. The project was completed on schedule, mirroring the program that I had put in place, and the feedback from the Client was excellent.