How Building Transformation supports the UK’s educational buildings and estates

We know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes it’s hard not to. The external appearance of a building, particularly its condition, is crucial in helping to create a feeling of trust and confidence. So, what happens when educational buildings are not up to scratch? The answer is that they may struggle to fill places. Over a third of students have rejected a university place due to the quality of its buildings.

This is where Building Transformation come in. We understand that a building’s condition can directly inspire students, lecturers, and teachers and positively influence their emotions and behaviours. Our façade and roof maintenance and restoration solutions bring new life into school and university buildings. Building Transformation has worked in the education sector for many years. We have used our extensive knowledge and experience to develop services and tools to support cost-effective and compliant estates management. As specialists in maintenance, repairs, and refurbishment services for roofs and repairs, we have become innovators in building fabric care programmes that offer a complete life cycle.

Restoring higher education buildings

We have worked with educational establishments across the UK, including the University of Surrey and the University of Cambridge, to provide effective solutions to restore, refurbish, maintain and protect educational buildings against decay and weathering.

University of Surrey

The dark blue rendered facades of the University of Surrey’s 10-year-old ATI building looked extremely tired and faded. The building had seen little maintenance on the façade, so the work required a sensitive approach. The first step was to carefully remove all the years of soiling without damaging the render. Our team moved on to giving the building two coats of paint to ensuring maximum protection and give the building a fresh look. Our team has since returned to the ATI building to repaint two more of the university’s rendered buildings to help restore and protect this valuable learning and teaching asset for many years to come.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham’s campus is home to a mixture of modern and historical buildings, including some listed properties. The University’s Estates Team asked us to help with restoring and protecting their older buildings. Our team embarked on a sensitive and phased approach to uplift the facades given the mixture of historical stonework and brick. Once the team conducted initial test trials on the Great Hall and Memorial Clock Tower, we determined that we would use a combination of the application and manual agitation of a spore neutralising biocide and steam clean to achieve the best result. Following the successful completion of the project, we are now looking forward to cleaning and restoring the upper half of the Memorial Tower, The Great Hall and the Quadrant.

Building Transformation services to support your educational buildings

Lower and higher education building estates are often a combination of new and historic buildings. With historic buildings, you are more likely to see damp, decay and gutter or roof issues that combine to create high maintenance costs. However, without regular maintenance, modern educational buildings can also suffer from the effects of wear and tear.

Building Transformation are building specialists that work with building managers in the education sector to maintain education facilities while preserving the building’s history and character integrity. We inspect, test, repair, replace or refurbish education property portfolios across the country that meets our client’s specific building management requirements.

We create bespoke roof and façade maintenance solutions for any building or structure, regardless of age, material, height or location.

Façade refurbishment

Our façade cleaning and refurbishment solutions breathe new life into school buildings. Our façade enhancement services include roof cleaning, painting, restoration, repairs and administering protective coatings to maintain the building and increase its lifespan.

Maintenance and access solutions

We tailor our building maintenance services to the specific needs of your building, climate and budget. Our building maintenance solutions include everything from surveys, roof issues, water ingress to masonry repairs and building painting. With our cost-effective solutions, you can avoid expensive repairs in the future.

Leak detection

Our roof and façade leak detection solutions use non-intrusive methods to locate and repair leaks to protect the integrity of your school estate. We can combine this service with reactive or planned roof and gutter repair and maintenance solutions to guarantee a secure and waterproof building.


Young people deserve the very best education possible to help them prepare both academically and emotionally for the challenges inside the classroom and what lies ahead once they complete their education. To set them on the right path and give them a fair and high-quality educational experience, we need to make much more of the spaces we have. By taking a more mindful approach in the design, construction and maintenance of our school and university buildings, we can create inspiring teaching and learning environments that offer the space and facilities young people need to grow and thrive.

At Building Transformation, we will work with you to help you understand your building façade and create sustainable building maintenance plans that sensitively care for, restore, repair, and protect your educational buildings to ensure they last. Contact us today to arrange a consultation to ensure that your educational facilities not only reach and succeed their lifespan, but also inspire students and teachers alike.