Helpful (not Hateful) Eight Tips for Consideration for Façade Cleaning

We have compiled a list of top tips for things to consider when you are planning a your building cleaning project.  This is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but is something we have developed from the experience of working with our clients and is designed to help you make considered and informed decisions about your project.

  1. What is your vision?

Is it Perception, Prevention, Preservation or all of them? Often answering this question will allow you to prioritise what elements of your building you focus on and it will help you to create the most efficient and cost effective solution.

  1. What is your environment?

The approach to cleaning a warehouse on an industrial park is very different to cleaning a residential building or a hospital.  How will the safety of building users be managed and what disruptions are there likely to be?  It is not just considerations about noise and water control that need to be factored in, but also how the privacy of occupants will be managed with operatives working close to windows.

  1. Ask for test samples

There are very few instances in life where you will purchase a product without knowing what you are going to get in return for payment.  By insisting on seeing test samples you will be able to understand what you are going to get for your investment and importantly set a benchmark for the quality of the rest of the work.

  1. All at once or phased?

On larger sites it may be sensible to clean in phases rather than the whole area. This allows you to measure and monitor the process ensuring that you are obtaining the results you require and that you are prioritising your budget in the key areas.

  1. Who will do the work?

What are the credentials of the building cleaning company, can they demonstrate a proven track record in cleaning similar buildings and how will they manage the project from a health and safety perspective?

  1. Can I engineer any value into the project?

Accessing buildings can be costly and requires specialist machinery.  When on site it is essential to make the most of this facility so it makes sense for example to get the contractor to clean any hard to reach gutters or install bird spikes to prevent fouling if required.

  1. Should this be a one off project or can I incorporate it as planned maintenance?

Some areas of the building may require cleaning on a more regular basis. It is often the case that when building cleaning is included as an annual or planned package, future cleaning can be completed at a reduced rate, thus saving money when calculated over the lifecycle of the building.

  1. What are the environmental impacts?

Both client and contractor have a responsibility to ensure that all cleaning activity meets the local council’s environmental requirements and standards.  What cleaning products will be used and how debris created from cleaning will be managed is a question that should always be asked.