Building Transformation 2020 Wrap Up: Driving Excellence

We have worked hard this year to ensure that the challenges of 2020 have had as little effect on any of our plans as possible while keeping our people safe. Due to this, we have been able to put a greater focus on the importance of continuing our company culture to drive excellence in all that we do.

It has also caused an understanding that there are things you miss when working out of the office, away from the people that make up the culture and DNA. The small things like the morning coffee chats and the ease of contact and information passing from person to person in a face-to-face environment. We believe that business environments are one of the best places for learning and improving.

We have always embraced change here at Building Transformation and never has it been more at the forefront of our minds in terms of development. As we know, for any kind of change to be implemented correctly every member of the team must be aware of it first because people lead change, and it will not work if people are not aligned to the same vision.

Using management principles such as Kaizen and Lean Methodology we have been able to drive continuous improvement in all that we do. Working closely with our people to work through problems and set achievable objectives that add to their skills as well as the business, to create a cycle of sustainable business improvement, led by innovation. With the setup of applications such as Microsoft Teams, the team have been able to easily propose improvements to the ways that we work, as they work. In addition to improvements that could be put in place in the future for changes in efficiency or quality of work.

Everything starts with our employees. We have always believed that our people are the most integral part of our performance and excellent client experience. We know that when people feel valued and are trained and supported, they, in turn, feed into higher performing business and create a more positive company culture. Investing in our people helps us to create and deliver work that impacts the wider environment, which in turn positively influences people, businesses, buildings, and communities.

This year, we feel that as a business, as a team, as people, we have matured significantly and have worked our way towards being more innovative in our approach to our work. We have an open and collaborative approach, meaning that we are all working towards the same shared vision and client objectives. We will carry our passion and drive to achieve excellence with us into 2021. Our outcomes are always for the long-term, just like our work.

Over the Christmas period, we are happy to be supporting a local charity here in Bedford, to deliver items and food to those in need in our community. Members of our team are also on call over the Christmas holidays to respond to any emergency issues with your building’s roof, gutter, and façade. Just contact us on 01234 964016 to speak to a member of our technical team.