Project Overview:

Bloomberg London is an office building in London that was opened in 2017. It is owned by Bloomberg L.P. and functions as their European headquarters. The building was designed by architects Foster and Partners with structural engineer AKT II and constructed by Sir Robert McAlpine at a cost of £1bn.

Over the past 3 years, the building has seen very little in the way of façade maintenance. This is due to a lack of specific maintenance information and routines that would enable the sensitive cleaning and restoration of the bronze panelling, sandstone columns, and glazing units. Staining and tear marking has started to develop of key sections of the building from pollution, window cleaning practices, and a lack of detailing to remove the soiling from the stone plinths. Staining is building and the issues are deepening within the stone structure, action is required to confirm what type of works are required, which methods will be most suitable, and how it can be completed.

To date, Building Transformation is working with the client to help build a specification of cleaning that can be agreed by the manufacturer of the products and incorporated within a façade cleaning programme following testing on both stone and bronze elements, with the least abrasive, most sensitive, and ideally, a chemical-free solution achieved. The testing is the foundation of the project and will allow all parties to agree on the most sensitive and effective methods of cleaning. As well as deciding what type of cleaning and maintenance programme can be built from the methods selected. From the agreement of methods and trials a much more comprehensive and detailed façade maintenance programme, with costings, will be provided to give the client complete clarity of the project.

We will be closely assessing weathering details and be looking to create an elevation specific delivery programme, ensuring the high-risk locations received greater care and attention than the more protected, less prominent fabric sections.