Stone and Brick Cleaning with Softwashing, Doff, Steam and Pressure Jet washing in London, Manchester, Birmingham

Stone, limestone and bricks all take in and show dirt differently. The only similarity is that they don’t look good when they’re grimy, so taking some time to give them a clean can really make a difference.

How do you clean stone?

When cleaning stone, you should make sure you know what sort of stone your building is made of. Granite and concrete, for example, will require different maintenance and different services. However, there are a few things you should know. Firstly, stone is quite porous and will absorb stains and liquids easily. This is worth being aware of if you’re thinking of installing stone floors. For a three step option, cleaners will scrub grout lines with a pre-spray, before moving on to get the dirt off with a high pressure rotary wand, and finish the job with a buffer to make the stone look shiny. To keep stone looking nice, this should be done once every year.

How do you clean limestone?

When cleaning limestone you need to make sure you don’t use any acid-based cleaners, because this can damage the limestone. Other than that, it’s fairly straightforward: start by sweeping away anything that’s accumulated on the limestone, then pressure wash the limestone using a hose and water (use a low setting and don’t do this on damaged limestone). If there are greasy stains, you can use soapy water (washing up liquid is fine) and kitty litter on any oil spills. Finally, try a limestone cleaner for any remaining stains. If you need to, you can make one from hydrogen peroxide and flour mixed into a paste.

How do you clean bricks?

Cleaning bricks is probably the most straightforward. The cleaner will need to use water to rinse over the bricks, then scrub them with a brush and possibly a brick cleaner made of washing up liquid and salt to act as a kind of exfoliant. This can be done as regularly as the building’s owner likes, and will probably depend on if the bricks are indoors or outdoors.

Sympathetic stone and brick building restoration solutions

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    We restore sandstone, limestone, brick, and terracotta, working with the condition of the building, adjusting cleaning methods to suit the condition of the masonry, and ensuring to create a balanced finish without over-cleaning or damaging the façade. Our methods are aligned BS 8221-1:2012: Cleaning and surface repair of buildings.

    All methods and processes we employ to clean the masonry are conservation lead, giving you peace of mind that the best methods are employed. We provide a complete façade restoration, masonry repair, and cleaning solution for historic and listed properties. We work with you to ensure all the correct planning regulations are in place and all relevant BS standards have been observed and understood before moving forward with the project. We use hot water cleaning, low-pressure cleaning and steam to restore, preserve and maintain soiled building façades.

    Onsite façade cleaning test trials are essential in creating pre-project clarity and cost certainty, this process enables us to collectively build greater understanding. We employ solutions to remove staining such as carbon, traffic film, effluence staining, leeched salts, organic matter, environmental pollution and paint from your stone or brick building façade. We help guide you through the process, ensuring that the correct products are matched, and methods used in the processes. Providing you with the technical information and advice to help support your conservation planning, listed building consent, and architectural requirements.

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    Sensitive stone and brick cleaning and restoration

    Our stone and brick façade refurbishment services include

    • Façade steam cleaning and restoration: Super-heated steam, Nebulus and poultice cleaning
    • Removal of carbon, effluence staining, organic matter, pollution and salt leaching
    • Paint removal from building facades
    • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs

    • Traditional roofing and leadwork
    • Installation of traditional rainwater and guttering systems
    • Sash window repair and decoration
    • Installation of internal lime plasters and renders
    • Specialist decorations such as gilding and limewashing
    • Roof leak detection and integrity testing

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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