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    Render Cleaning, Painting & Refurbishment for Rendered Façades

    We provide complete restoration and maintenance solutions for cleaning, repairing, and protecting rendered façades. Our methodologies comply with BS 8221-1:2012: code of practice for the cleaning and surface repair of buildings and BS 6150:2006- A1:2014 for painting.

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    We ensure the correct treatments and repairs are undertaken to your façade, including the removal and replacement of the failed, weak, and defective areas of render.

    Pro-actively managing organic and visually unattractive growth on a rendered façade reduces the need to clean the building as the treatment removes the root causes of the discolouration and decay on the rendered façade. We apply a specialist cleaning agent that absorbs into the render to break down the algae, lichen, and moss spoors. Once applied, natural weathering processes provide a highly effective maintenance clean for rendered facades. On porous render the surfactant active will penetrate deep into the material and can be treated with light steam cleaning to create the final product.

    To redecorate render we use colour matched pigmented silicone resin coating and painting systems due to their flexibility, quality, and durability. The coatings also contain a film preservative to help protect the façade from further infestation and growth of organic matter. The façade painting systems applied are water repellent, breathable, self-cleaning, non-streaking, and UV resistant, providing you with a complete protection solution.

    Restore or redesign your rendered façade

    Specialist render refurbishment and maintenance solutions

    • Complete render refurbishment: cleaning, repairs, painting, and protection
    • Specialist access solutions: Abseiling, cradles, tower hoist, MEWPS, & scaffolding
    • Sanitisation for algae affected render
    • Steam and restorative cleaning for render

    • Render repairs and painting
    • Application of hydrophobic coatings and weathering sealants
    • Structural masonry ties and façade stabilisation
    • Electronic roof leak integrity testing
    • Roof replacement and repairs
    • Gutter maintenance and replacement

    Solutions for cleaning, painting & refurbishing rendered façades

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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    Specialist Building Access

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