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Most people have come across methylated spirits or paint stripper at some point when decorating their home. It’s brutal on the skin and smells terrible. This is why we offer to remove paint ourselves, because it’s unpleasant without the proper tools.

Paint stripping is imperative both inside and outside buildings.

There’s no point repainting a building if the old colour will just show through, so taking things back to a neutral base layer is a good starting point. It’s increasingly popular to have exposed brick inside houses, and removing the paint and plaster is a good way to see the ‘bones’ of the building and achieve a more rustic, simple look, and it reduces future maintenance costs by reducing trapped moisture and preventing mold. So, if you’re repainting or going for bare walls, paint removal is crucial.

Removing paint from the outside of buildings can be pretty straightforward. First, the paint stripper is applied to liquidate the paint. Then the building is pressure washed with water to rinse the paint away. This may need to be repeated a number of times to make sure the paint is all fully gone, and the water will need to be cleaned properly to prevent stains on the surrounding areas. Finally, the building should be chemically cleaned to get rid of any dirt, pollution or mould that has accumulated.

Removing paint from the inside of buildings is more difficult. If you’re working with a carpeted area or somewhere where the floors are ‘complete’ and don’t need any modification, you’ll need to take steps to protect them- this will usually take the form of plastic sheeting. Even so, you can’t use too much water or any other liquid that might seep into the carpet and damage or stain it. There are other options, including pastes that are applied to the area, covered and left for a few days. They can then be removed with a wallpaper scraper and the remnants of the paint can be removed with a drill with a wire brush attachment and just a standard scrubbing brush and a little bit of water.

Specialist paint removal solutions for façades and structures

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    Layers of paint that have been applied over the years to freshen up the façade can hide a multitude of sins; the paint will, over time, weaken the masonry until it becomes soft and begins to crumble and fail. Our paint removal solutions are aligned BS 8221-1:2012: cleaning and surface repair of buildings.

    The key to a successful paint removal project lies in pre-project testing. Issues such as dwell times, pressures, temperatures, and flow rates and how these factors work together to soften, break down and remove the paint are essential. Working with minimal intervention and utilising methods and techniques that are aligned with the building’s history and future performance needs, conservation and sustainability are at the heart of what we do.

    We attend a full inspection and site meeting to understand why you want to remove paint and how you envisage the outcome. Visual inspections are undertaken with you, and the client (or architect/conservation officer) if necessary. Here we look for weaknesses, spalling, or failure of masonry and agree on a testing location.

    We use the most appropriate access solution to suit your needs, installing scaffolding, abseiling, or MEWPS to manage the project safely. We also take a proactive approach to environmental and waste management, providing you with options and choice to restore your building with minimal impact. Older buildings may be coated with lead-based paint which means that you will need to consider the safety and environmental impact of removing it.  We use specialist paint testing kits which allow you to gauge the lead levels before deciding on a course of action.

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    Chemical, aggregate, and steam-based building façade paint removal

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    • Façade steam cleaning and restoration: Super-heated steam, Nebulus and poultice cleaning
    • Specialist sensitive cleaning for stone, brick and masonry
    • Removal of carbon, effluence staining, organic matter, pollution and salt leaching
    • Paint removal on building façades
    • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs

    • Traditional roofing and leadwork, using slate and lead
    • Installation of traditional rainwater and guttering systems
    • Sash window repair and decoration
    • Installation of internal lime plasters and renders
    • Specialist decorations such as gilding and limewashing
    • Bespoke waste management solutions
    • Roof leak detection and integrity testing

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