DOFF Cleaning, Steam cleaning brickwork, DOFF Steam Cleaning Using Doff Cleaning System in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bedford & Across All UK

The use of super heat steam to clean and restore masonry, render, concrete or modern architectural cladding buildings is very effective.

The light and sensitive façade cleaning method delivers constant and uniform results whilst ensuring the patina of the building envelope is maintained for the future.

What is Doff Steam cleaning?

Doff steam is a method of cleaning buildings without the use of chemicals. As you might expect, steam is used and funneled through hoses and finally directed into a point. This is then aimed at the area that needs cleaning and removes all of the dirt, algae, biological matter, paint, graffiti and spores. It does this by heating them until they die or are damaged beyond repair, and then washing them away with the water when it’s back in liquid form. The actual volume of water is pretty low: Doff works because of its high temperatures, instead.

This way of cleaning is popular for a number of reasons: firstly, it’s extremely effective. If you’re Doff cleaning the outside of a building it will look much better and you’ll be able to see the facade and brick details. This looks good by itself, but you can also then paint over it and know that you’re not trapping any dirt or anything that will cause damage to the building. The second reason Doff cleaning is popular is because it doesn’t use any pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals that may damage your building. It’s certified for use on English Heritage buildings because it’s gentle enough not to cause any harm.

Use steam to restore your building while retaining the integrity of the fabric

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    Would you like the most sensitive cleaning solution available for your building’s substrate? Using steam cleaning to breathe new life into the ageing material and delivering a range of sensitive and phased façade cleaning processes we help break down years of pollution and preserve the material for the future.

    The steam cleaning system we use is sensitive and helps keep our operation and masonry cleaning conservation led, giving you peace of mind that the best methods are employed. Steam cleaning is highly effective at removing staining such as carbon, traffic film, effluence staining, leached salts, organic matter, environmental pollution and paint from your stone or brick building façade. Our methodologies are aligned to and comply with BS 8221-1:2012: Code of practice for cleaning and surface repair of buildings.

    We provide a complete external and internal stone cleaning using steam cleaning as part of our complete façade restoration service, using steam cleaning systems for conservation-based cleaning on period, historic, and listed properties. Providing you with a complete solution so that your building can be restored and maintained for the future.

    Where required, we work within listed building and conservation guidelines to provide you with a building refurbishment solution that you can be proud of. From listed buildings through to high rise commercial buildings – we use the latest technology and access methods, utilising modern solutions, traditional skills, and craftsmanship to stabilise, clean, repair, fix, respray and restore your building.

    Bring your building back to life with a sensitive steam cleaning solution

    Stone cleaning and façade refurbishment services for all buildings and structures

    • Façade steam, Nebulus, and poultice cleaning
    • Specialist sensitive cleaning for stone cleaning and brick
    • Removal of carbon, traffic film, staining, organic matter, pollution and salt leaching
    • Paint removal on building facades
    • Masonry, concrete and façade repairs

    • Traditional roofing and leadwork, using slate and lead
    • Installation of traditional rainwater and guttering systems
    • Sash window repair and decoration
    • Installation of internal lime plasters and renders
    • Specialist decorations such as gilding and limewashing

    Building façade cleaning using low pressure steam cleaning methods

    Technical Leak Investigations

    External Maintenance Solutions

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