Project Overview :

Our brief from the hotel and client was clear; deliver the works with minimum scaffolding and impact to the hotel. This gave us a simple project objective and drove all elements of planning. We had 6 months to complete the works in line with the plan.

Cleaning, repairs and 4 coats of various strengthening, primers and tops were applied throughout, ensuring protection for another 10 years from the Scottish elements. Exposed to Scotland’s variable weather conditions, the rendered external façade of the IBIS hotel has over the years degraded, leading to a range of various defects, failures and weathering related issues that included specialist repairs and sections replaced. The completed façade was strengthened with a specialist coating prior to re-decoration to give the extra flexibility and adhesion required for the façade’s future performance.

Due to a lack of general maintenance, the façade was discoloured/damaged by various types of algae and lichen and looked unappealing for those visiting the hotel. It was beyond a simple clean due to the level of build up and stabilised pollution, specialist cleaning works were required prior to any repairs, strengthening or re-coating.

The scope of works were reviewed in detail with the client, with particular focus around the pre-treatments (such as biocide treatment), cleaning methods and strengthening base coats. Such works required cross hatch testing, cleaning trials and inspections to help validate the level of specification required and the impact that this would have on the budget.