Project Overview :

We are currently cleaning, repainting and restoring the façade of residential building, Beaufort Place, in the centre of Cambridge.

With views and balconies overlooking the river, our client didn’t want expensive and intrusive scaffolding around their property. Therefore, we had to create an innovative access strategy to effectively and safely reach all areas of the building, while ensuring that the regulations set out by the Environment Agency, Cambridge Council and Cam Conservators were adhered to – as well as being sensitive to the needs of residents and neighbours. With the building located right on the river, we were able to create a solution that both negated the need for scaffolding and completed the work in a cost effective and efficient way – we built a pontoon on the River Cam!

We built the pontoon on the river in early October 2019 and have been accessing the building façade directly from the river. Having placed the pontoons on the river, MEWPs were loaded on to each pontoon and then floated into position, ready for the restoration work to begin.

The project and full scope of works is seeing new life breathed in to the external building envelope, from the roof, gutters, all the way down the façades. The work we are undertaking includes:

  • Cleaning all areas of the façade, including the brick and stonework, which was subject to a build up of organic matter, having never been cleaned since being built in 1985.
  • Painting the wooden window frames and other metalwork around the building.
  • Cleaning the roof and gutters.
  • Placing gutter protectors in the gutter system to stop moss and debris from building up and blocking the gutters, which will reduce the chances of future leaks and water ingress.


All of this work will help to restore the whole of the building exterior, returning it to its full glory, and one residents and surrounding neighbours in central Cambridge can be proud of. We will continue to work with the management team, ensuring that in the future the façades are maintained and the property is kept aligned with the tenants’ vision.