Project Overview :

Never underestimate the power of colour. We have recently completed the cleaning and refurbishment of Arbeta (formerly One Central Park) in Manchester. We initially cleaned and primed the façades in line with international architect, PRP’s vision for the building – revamping the multi-million pound 138,000 sq ft space into offices, creating a digital and tech hub to attract start-up businesses.

Due to a lack of regular maintenance, the building envelope of One Central Park had begun to suffer from a build-up of general atmospheric and organic soiling, in-turn changing the original colour of the façades and making them appear dull. This was not a true reflection of the client’s expectations and the image they wished to present. The fabric was failing at different levels due to weathering and required full external restoration to align the building fabric to the newly refurbished internal building quality.

Our recommendations and solutions were designed to help prevent future deterioration and support increasing the lifespan of the invested works to maximise the value and ROI from the project investment.

The project included the repointing and restoration of brickwork, render repairs, metalwork, mastic replacement and the painting of all cladding panels, window frames, and sills to align the complete building envelope. To achieve this, we used sensitive steam cleaning methods, with the use of biocide on brickwork to move any organic build up. Followed by the application of primers and protective coatings to ensure the longevity of the new silicone colour coating.

The façade was recoated with a new black and white colour scheme to mirror the statement design of the interior. The final stage saw a complete (and literal) ‘Building Transformation’. Through the cleaning and recoating of the exterior building envelope we ensured that the façade would be able to reach its full intended lifespan. With a complete maintenance and restorative solution our client could be sure that their building outwardly reflected their brand.

Every project is different, but for this building, it was all about bringing the vision of the project team to life – using the power of colour.