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Top 3 Tips for Optimising Façade Performance on The World’s Tallest Hotel

In the heart of the Swiss Alps a project is developing whose sheer imagination and ambition is the first of its kind.  Hotel 7132 is set to dominate the village of Vals with its 381m tower with a mirrored façade and breath taking views of nature.  Morphosis Architects have set their sights high with this … Continued

Top 5 Solutions to Protect the Brighton i360 Façade

The i360 vertical pier is a revolutionary structure, design and attraction for Brighton & Hove. A 162m vertical façade constructed around a 980 tonne steel frame and finished externally with an anodised aluminium cladding façade. It’s thought (or should I say hoped) that the anodised element will withstand the sea salts and wind. The pier … Continued

Making the Ports 1961 Shanghai façade sustainable

This contemporary façade is constructed with a glass block in a satin finish and the underside of the exposed steel plates is shot blasted to create a soft matte finish. This deliberately soft finish contrasts beautifully with Shanghai’s electric chaos. The key to maintaining the unique quality of this flagship store is to regularly inspect, … Continued

Façade Specific CPD Training

Our objective is to provide clarity and support to commercial property specialists looking for proven strategies, solutions and answers on how best to tackle issues surrounding façade cleaning and restoration projects. With so many different building designs, materials, access issues and limitations how do you establish which is the most effective cleaning method? Whether it’s … Continued

Why a Façade Management Programme is Guaranteed to Keep Your Shopping Environment in Outstanding Condition.

Shopping centres are synonymous with open, clean spaces; these are factors instrumental to their success, helping to attract shoppers and high quality tenants.  However, the environment can often look imbalanced by the contrast between clean floors/glass and green organic stained façades. Over a 5-10 year period, you will naturally see variations within the environment. Traditional … Continued

Façade Access & Maintenance Strategy Support for Architects

With new CDM regulations now in place, the risks placed on the building designer have changed. There is a greater need to ensure that safe access to the building façade can be obtained for future cleaning and maintenance, but this doesn’t always fall within the remit of the architect. Many structures built within the past … Continued

A Closer Look at Reece Wood’s New Book ‘A Unique Guide on How to Restore & Protect the External Building Fabric’.

A quick reference guide that gives you instant clarity for any modern building cleaning or heritage building restoration project.  Commercial property specialists, building owners, facilities managers and architects are constantly looking for trusted information that will ensure that the correct building cleaning methods, restoration procedures and protective coatings solutions are used. However, during that search … Continued

Why Should We Consider the Context for Façade Cleaning & Protection?

London, New York, Shanghai and Sydney; all cities dominated by tall, unique and expensive building façades and structures. Huge investments are made by property developers into developing interesting and attractive buildings from which a financial return will be delivered. Architects can often be slaves to their imaginations, using expensive materials to create a stunning building … Continued

Why Strategic Façade Management?

Why would you only maintain a third of the external building envelope i.e. glass, whilst the rest of façade turns green with algae and the building looks unbalanced? Why allow this to happen when it simply needs a fresh approach to treating and managing the problem? Time and time again we see the same issues; … Continued

How Clients Obtain About Their Façade Restoration Project

We provide clients with clarity on the condition of the exposed building façade material, creating information on localised weathering patterns, assessing the feasibility for the application of specialist façade protection coatings, along with developing building specific ongoing maintenance strategies. We support both the client and in-house maintenance teams and develop solutions that can be easily … Continued

Test Trial Cleaning & Assessment Procedures

The cleaning history of a building is often unknown, this history along with previous cleaning projects have often been poorly documented. Clients trust service providers to provide the best options or costs possible, which can often results on over-cleaning, quick and abrasive cleaning methods being used. Ultimately this results in short term results, satisfaction and … Continued

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Building Transformation


Sustainable Façades

Steel came to replace the more brittle iron, both of which were favoured as they allowed greater spans than masonry. The use of steel has continued to be popular as buildings have grown larger, due to its strength, resistance to degradation, and its ease of use in construction.

Façade Skins

Today’s façades reflect commercial intent, push design boundaries, change environments and showcase engineering capabilities. Are modern day façades merely used as a tool to showcase design progression and engineering egos? Are we considering the façade skin and the role it plays in influencing the urban landscapes of our future? With so much emphasis placed on … Continued

Passive Solar Façade Design

As transmission of electromagnetic radiation is often at the root of the challenge in highly glazed buildings, the difficulties and solutions can be largely determined by one factor – latitude. The latitude determines the sun path, which in turn determines the solar irradiation received by the façade, and, depending on the local environment, when and … Continued

Future façades

As the global economy tries to recover from its last dip, huge investments are being made in the construction industry, both in established and emerging markets. It’s anticipated that the volume of construction output will grow by more than 70% to achieve an annual worth of $15 trillion worldwide by 2025 (Source: Global Construction Perspectives … Continued

Our Philosophy

21st Century Façades: Breathing Life into Urban Landscapes

The urban environment has changed enormously since the majority of building maintenance concerns were focused on more traditional masonry structures, materials, pollution levels, weather patterns – even the height of most buildings are completely different to a hundred years ago. This book illustrates how Building Transformation’s methods breathe new life, energy and vitality into building skins and cities.

Expert Technical Advice

A Unique Guide ON How To Restore And Protect Building Skins

Whether it’s a technical façade condition inspection, specialist advice, façade cleaning test trials and specification development, the delivery of a building cleaning project within a challenging access environment or a full building refurbishment project with ongoing going façade management strategies to maximise your ROI, we can help.


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