What key maintenance services do you need for commercial warehouses?

Whether you are the warehouse owner or facilities manager, a poorly maintained warehouse is bad for business. Not only could it compromise the safety of visitors and employees and lead to large and expensive repairs down the line, but the last thing you want is also for your potential customers to be able to see things that need fixing. It will undoubtedly reflect badly on your business. To repair any damage or significantly improve the appearance of your warehouse, it’s worth considering a warehouse refurbishment.

Most metal and industrial buildings have to endure a lot. Regular deliveries, staff comings and goings, the weather, on-site accidents and even just age can all take their toll over time. Warehouses will require commercial refurbishment to fix faults, repair damage, improve general site safety or ensure that the building continues to comply with any relevant legislation. However, on-the-spot repairs and general maintenance helps to ensure that you can avoid a full repair to put things right, which can be costly and disruptive.

Benefits of commercial building refurbishment

There are many benefits to industrial refurbishment, including:

Attract new customers

Nothing gives a better impression to customers than a modern, well-designed and refurbished business premise. A newly refurbished commercial building shows your customers that you care about the operation and presentation of your company. In turn, this will help your customers to believe you also care about them. They will respect your business as both a professional and quality enterprise that they can trust. A commercial refurbishment can also cause excitement among your visiting customers. It can even make them feel special and more likely to want to visit your building again. They will feel much more comfortable and confident about doing business with you, providing you with a better opportunity to convert sales.

Increase the value of your commercial property

Just like with a residential property, warehouse refurbishment can go a long way in helping to increase the commercial property’s value.  The more significant improvements you make now to your commercial building, the higher resale value you can expect in the future. A commercial refurbishment can also increase the rental value of the building and eventually boost your income cash flow.

Boost employee morale

Commercial refurbishment can also make a huge difference in improving employee satisfaction and reducing turnover. If you don’t show that you care or take pride in the workplace environment, your employees won’t either. Furthermore, employees want to work somewhere they feel safe and comfortable and can do their job without obstacles getting in their way. Business refurbishment makes the workplace enjoyable for employees, improving their work performance and boosting company morale. So, while it may be a significant investment, warehouse restoration will promote collaboration, productivity and performance, which can all help to boost your bottom line.

Improve energy efficiency

Reducing energy costs and improving energy efficiency is increasingly becoming a priority for many modern companies. However, most older commercial buildings and warehouses were neither designed nor constructed with the environment in mind. Trying to conserve energy and lower your carbon footprint in a poorly designed or dilapidated building is going to be difficult. A commercial building refurbishment provides a great chance to make your warehouse eco-friendly and energy-efficient. Investing in green warehouse renovations might be an upfront investment but will create savings over time. It’s also an opportunity to show your customers that you care about the environment and strive to reduce your impact on natural resources.

Cost-effective alternative to new construction

As the company grows and expands, there will likely be a need for more employees and space for them to work. You could build an entirely new structure or renovate your current building to create more working space. In this case, refurbishment is likely a better option. It’s far less expensive and disruptive than tearing down and starting again, and the process is much faster. Your employees can get back to work much quicker with a warehouse refurbishment.

Opportunity to rebrand

Renovating your business premises is a great way to modernise and refine your brand image without spending much money. Rebranding can give your business a great and often much-need modern refresh and improve the appearance and impact of your brand. It provides a valuable opportunity to review your company strategy, your current competitors, the customer market, technological advances and your industry as a whole.

Warehouse maintenance services you need

Here are three key commercial refurbishment services to help you both maintain and improve your commercial warehouse.

Leak investigations

Age, the weather, and general wear and tear can significantly impact your roofing system, leading it to become weak and prone to leaks. Carrying out detailed leak investigations will help isolate, repair, and maintain your roof and help you avoid the expense and disruption of replacing a roof. If any materials have failed, eroded or loosened due to the weather, leak investigation services use the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions to inspect and plan repairs. Roof surveys, roof leak testing, roof repairs and planned and reactive roof maintenance are key to an effective commercial warehouse maintenance plan.

Roof and gutter repairs

With the climate getting wetter, commercial warehouse roofs and gutter systems have to work much harder. Combine this with high winds and debris like leaves and other organic material, and it’s no wonder that they can get blocked, coatings can crack and peel, and the metal roof components can start to corrode and cause leaks. Roof and guttering repairs are essential features of warehouse maintenance and enhance energy efficiency and improve the overall aesthetics of the warehouse. Once leak investigation services have been able to identify the source and cause of leaks, roofing and guttering repairs can begin. This can include liquid relining and flexible coating solutions, corrosion control and gutter joints repairs.

Façade services

Most industrial warehouses feature cladding sheets or panels. Over time, these panels can develop dents, punctures, scratches and scruffs. This can have a huge impact on the appearance and durability of your commercial warehouse. Rather than spending out on the cost of replacing and installing new panels, façade services can fill, repair, and respray the panels, so they look brand new at a fraction of the cost. There are also additional services such as façade cleaning, masonry repairs and repointing and redecoration.


If you are considering refurbishing your warehouse or business premises, contact our experienced and friendly team at Building Transformation. We will work with you to develop a sustainable building maintenance plan that will sensitively care for, restore, repair, and protect your commercial building so it can support your business in the way you need long into the future. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.