Project Overview :

We undertook a façade condition survey at the Hilton Brighton Metropole on behalf of Chandler KBS, providing essential fabric condition information that can be used to build the specification of repairs, priorities for short and long-term maintenance activities and key information that can used to re-align each elevation with the hotels’ future façade refurbishment vision.

After years of quick fixes and a general maintenance regime, the over-painting of balcony soffits, localised water ingress issues, corrosion of steel rebar and railings, missing pointing and salt eroded masonry are a core focus of detail on the project.

Due to the unique access requirements of the hotel, we will where required, make-safe and remove any loose, fragile, and high-risk materials, ensuring the integrity of the building as well as a safe environment for the public and occupants of Brighton to live and work.

Once the survey is complete we will provide an all-encompassing report that documents and details the condition of each element of the façade, identifying any areas of weakness or concern, make recommendations for rectification of those issues, and provide accurate costs for delivering the rectification work.

What are we surveying?

    • The heritage brick and stone façade
    • Cast iron detailed balcony balustrades to the front elevation
    • Balcony waterproofing detail and painted concrete soffits
    • Rainwater goods
    • Windows and detailing


Difficulties and Challenges


    • Unique and difficult access to each section of the façade
    • Delivery of works with exposed sea front and high winds
    • An active hotel open for business, in a COVID safe environment
    • Pedestrian access across the front and side elevations
    • No fixed abseil anchor points, and historical issues with rope access methods


Access Methodologies:

Using rope access allows us to get tangibly close to the building fabric, to inspect, document, take photo and video evidence which can be logged for mapping each location and planning future priorities. Our plan has been designed to enable us to deliver the works without disruption to residents, guests, and pedestrians on the street.