Will Your Warehouse Require Anti-viral Cleaning?

One way to reassure your staff they are unlikely to get the coronavirus COVID-19 when they return to work is to give your premises a professional virus deep clean.

Here at Façade Experts we are trusted specialists in thorough and careful building cleaning techniques. To the extent, our customers have included universities, large hotel groups, local authorities and UK-wide private organisations.

How will we undertake a COVID-19 clean?

Obviously a viral deep clean requires both disinfecting and sanitising the premises. In the case of a large warehouse, multi-storey government building or 50-plus room hotel it’s not enough to simply put in some elbow grease and disinfect every visible surface with a cloth.

No, what is required though, is electrostatic disinfecting. That’s because colonies of virus and bacteria can hide in areas that we can’t always physically reach. Electrostatic disinfecting can reach them however – thanks to the way it applies the anti-virus solution. And it does so quickly and evenly.

How does electrostatic cleaning work?

Using an electrostatic applicator which gives a negative charge to the disinfecting solution as it leaves the nozzle, it’s possible to target and coat a specific surface area. In fact, that solution electromagnetically adheres to any specific surface completely and thoroughly. We’ve all seen TV footage of cars being spray-painted in a factory setting – well, the negative charge in the spray technique of electrostatic cleaning works in a similar fashion.

Why is electrostatic cleaning so effective?

Where this type of virus deep cleaning excels is in its ability to prevent cross-contamination of pathogens. This is important, particularly in light of how quickly and easily the Coronavirus COVID-19 is known to spread. Viruses and bacteria can multiple on a surface within as little as 20 minutes, provided they are in a suitable temperature and have a good food source. That’s too fast and too complicated for a normal clean with a cloth and disinfectant. A much more thorough sanitisation process is required and that’s where electrostatic cleaning works far more effectively. That’s because it gives a broad spectrum approach, not just to a complete surface area, but also the entire room. In other words, it’s pretty much a wonder deep cleaning technique – and certainly the most effective around today in terms of combatting a fast-spreading virus such as COVID-19.

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