The Tate Modern Extension

The pattern of the brickwork, stacked and threaded onto steel rods, provides an unusual skin for the building, appearing like fabric or digital pixels (although apparently a bird consultant was brought in to check no bird could nest between the bricks).

We at Building Transformation find every building façade fascinating, whether it’s modern concrete, glass and steel, or more traditional materials like brick and stone. The fascination comes from bringing our skills to bear on maintaining the beauty and integrity of the building, and being able to pass on that legacy to future generations. Any new development requires thought for the maintenance of that building’s skin, whatever the size, concept or location, and Herzog & de Meuron will have considered carefully how the Switch House will age and weather over the coming years, and how the Tate will care for this utterly unique building, both inside and out, as a new landmark on the Thames.

While you might not be managing the Tate’s latest extension, we hope that we can still offer you the greatest expert advice and care for the needs of your own building. Get in touch to talk more about how we can help maintain your property for the next generation.