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Fresh Contextual Thinking

We’ll give you everything you need to understand how building skins influence our behaviour, feelings and future.

With our training courses and speaking work, we can show you how the built environment around us influences the urban space in which it sits. Learn more about how a building façade has the ability to shape both business and social communities around it, and how philosophies and action can be combined to help create a more sustainable urban landscape and future.


Sustainable City Skin Performance Formula

1. Philosophy
A clear understanding and objective
2. Partnership
You need a collaborative approach
3. Change
Delivered with a long-term strategy and programme
4. Impact
Increased pride & performance
5. Sustainability
Enhanced skin performance, environments & living cities

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Future Proofing Assets

Let us present the clear, quantifiable business case for protecting and caring for your building skin long-term.

There needs to be a fundamental shift in thinking within the commercial property sector, moving from simply budgeting for window cleaning, to a long-term, financially worthwhile plan of investment in care for the whole building skin.The building façade skin can only be future-proofed when we take action at the correct time, and with a fresh approach.

Pricing projections for façade maintenance programmes

30 - 40% Building façade cleaned on a regular basis (e.g. glass / window)

60% Estimated building façade exposed, unmanaged or maintained

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CPD Training & Events

We’ll arm you with a fresh context and all the technical knowledge you could need to avoid building skin stress & decay.

Building fabrics see very little in the way of effective restoration or maintenance; often the action they do see is poorly delivered with incorrect method selection resulting in short-term results and stress to the building skin.

The accredited training we provide helps commercial property specialists avoid the pitfalls and ensure the correct technical applications are applied to enhance the lifespan of the building skin rather than erode it.


The external building façade is strongly influential in both commercial and community spaces. The design and condition of a building can help to create environments in which both people and businesses want to be involved, driving them to succeed and flourish within their respective communities.

The building façade is often left to fend for itself; it is a commoditised component of a building that is expected to perform with little attention paid to specific maintenance requirements to support its needs.

Thought leadership speaking, educating and training property specialists, owners and managers on best practice solutions for the building façade within today’s urban landscape is an area of specialism for Reece Wood of Building Transformation.

Whether it’s public speaking or training, Reece covers a range of specialist topics within the façade maintenance market. From methods of façade restoration, façade maintenance for tall or challenging to access structures, procurement challenges and solutions for protecting and enhancing façade performance, Reece covers key topics to ensure a building façade can live and perform for longer.


Speak to one of our team today call

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