Make Sure Your Business Premises Are Super-Sanitised

Are you considering using a professional cleaning company to provide virus deep cleaning of your small or medium-sized business premises?

Once the Coronavirus restrictions on working are lifted you, together with any staff, can freely move back into your office, shop or café. But you will all, understandably, be concerned about contracting any potential lingering contamination from door handles, cutlery, furniture etc. And that’s where we can reassure you and your staff by carrying out our recommended COVID-19 cleaning programme.

Here at Façade Experts we are already well-versed in the requirements of removing bacteria and other harmful substances from buildings. Many of these deep cleans involve grime which has clung to the buildings for decades. Your shop, café or office is newer though and the virus deep cleaning we undertake there is a specialist one, involving disinfection and sanitisation.

What is the point of a coronavirus clean?

Informed by Public Health England, our anti-viral cleaning service is aimed at disinfecting and sanitising any small to medium-sized business premise. This could be because someone who has entered that physical space in the recent past has contracted Coronavirus. It could also simply be a cautionary measure in order to reassure staff returning to work that they have nothing to fear in respect of picking up the virus.

How do you carry out virus deep cleaning?

Our staff disinfect all surfaces inside your premises, as well as externally. They pay particular attention to what we refer to as ‘touch points.’ This is the areas of the office, café or shop which are frequently exposed to human hands. It could be a door handle or till drawer, for instance. In the case of a café, the crockery and cutlery would be a particular focus for us; so too would computer keyboards in an office. Walls and flooring also receive our electrostatic cleaning treatment.

Following the sanitisation with a recommended chemical alcohol-based cleanser, we then follow up by spraying the premises with an extremely strong germicidal santiser. So strong is this spray that your business premises will remain sterilised for up to a week later.

How can I tell how thorough the virus deep clean is

Rest-assured we will provide you with a written report, complete with images and video, outlining the steps our team have taken on your premises, and where. We are also happy to be guided by yourself on where particularly sensitive areas are.

Get in touch

As the outbreak of the Coronavirus has shown, none of us can be too careful these days. Certainly, we have undergone major self-sanitisation of our own premises! If you or/and any fellow businesses are interested in our virus decontamination service then do get in touch with our expert building protection and sanitisation team.