Listening to Our Clients

What happens when people don’t listen to what you want? What happens when people think they know what you need? What happens when people assume certain things without clarification?
In any industry, as a client or consumer, the answer is the same. You don’t get the result you wanted, and you’re left frustrated, disappointed, or even angry.

We know that companies don’t usually get things wrong on purpose: it’s usually not anyone’s intention to cause these reactions in clients or consumers, but we’ve all been in situations where communication is hurried, answers are assumed, and clarification is not sought before a job is taken on, a service completed or a product sold. Often the person or company is trying to help — but this way of working has the opposite effect, and can lead to lost time and momentum as well as loss of that business opportunity.

We’re a young company, compared to many of our competitors, but anyone who needs our assistance will receive dedicated time from the word ‘go’. Continuous communication and discussion, updated information and defined time scales all lead to both parties being in unison, informed and with total understanding of the brief.

Unexpected things can (and usually do) happen. By cleaning a brick façade we might need to repoint, by cleaning some cladding we might uncover necessary repairs. But we believe that problems are only solutions that haven’t been thought of yet! That’s why we’ve been employed — to complete the job, yes, but also to offer solutions and specialist information that allows the client to trust us, and to give them peace of mind.

We are proud to say that we are not an off-the-peg service. From the moment you call our office and one of the team takes your initial enquiry, through to the day the job is signed off as complete, clients receive a bespoke service, unique to you and your building.

With the client, we’ll help to build specification documentation, we’ll visit the site and ensure that we investigate and collate notes on the issues that need attention. We provide clients with a clear programme of works, Risk and Method Statements, apply for the necessary licences, coordinate the traffic management, access machinery and book any use of water. Being thorough means we avoid errors. It is, however, completely normal that the odd factor impacts on time or efficiency — and where these issues cannot be avoided, we’ll always notify, discuss and advise on practical solutions. Every building deserves a service that is completely suited to it, its surroundings, the people who see it and use it, and what that building means to its owner.

Listening means more than simply doing the bare minimum. We don’t just clean buildings. We make your world better.