Customer Experience

Many of the projects we’ve completed have been in commercial environments, and the accolades we’ve received have been fantastic. Feedback is always that Building Transformation has provided a professional job, on time and within the agreed budget, and upon completion the team are able to feel a sense of pride – they did it.

A newer member of the team, I’ve recently been asked to become the main liaison for our residential customers. Last week I visited a Victorian semi-detached three-storey property in Bedford to see the team working on a project to restore the house façade, attend to minor repairs to original windows, and complete some stonework repairs and total façade repointing. I’d been keen to understand the equipment needed, how it’s used and the outcome they expect from a job like this.

I also got to spend time with the client over coffee, talking about the expected progress and developments, and providing assistance with other work she needed from us. I was able to ensure that we’d understood her brief and offered the right solutions, and to assess if she was receiving the service and value that she expected – and I could see that she was already getting that by the bucket load!

Conversation and the ability to listen are important to ascertain the true driver for a project. This client simply wanted to be proud of her house — and she wanted a company that could reflect this in their approach to the project.

Our clean, branded vehicles, uniform and equipment did just that; in fact she was “excited to see the boys turning up like ‘The A Team’ that morning”, marking for her the start of a journey to make her house beautiful again. It’s special to her: it’s where her family lives, where they are creating memories with their children, and it’s important to her because it’s her home, and she has trusted us to help make it look and feel like it once did when it was built.

It was a real moment of pride for me to see the team working, restoring, protecting and caring about that home as much as she does. This type of project gives us the ability to show the client and their wider community how we work, how much we care, and how the principles and culture of Building Transformation are lived by every member of our team — all of which produces a customer experience which is second to none in the market.