Project Overview :

The University of Birmingham has a range of modern and historical buildings on campus, that includes many listed properties. The Estates Team at the University were keen to restore and protect their older buildings, breathing new life into key areas of the campus.

With a mixture of brick and historical stonework, a sensitive and phased process was required to uplift the facades whilst ensuring the conservation officer would be happy with our approach. Through an initial test trials on the Memorial Clock Tower and Great Hall, we determined that a combination of the application and manual agitation of a spore neutralising biocide, and multi-phased steam clean would achieve the best result and maintain the integrity of the materials.

With the result and methods approved by the client and conservation officer, we proceeded with the full project and cleaning of the Memorial Tower, completing this early in 2019. The University of Birmingham was extremely happy with the overall result and are we are now in discussions to complete the cleaning and restoration of the upper half of the Memorial Tower, the Great Hall and the Quadrant.