21st Century Façades – Building Transformation

21st Century Façades™ is our unique façade lifecycle programme designed to increase the performance, value and aesthetic condition of high value commercial buildings throughout the globe.

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    • Creative, innovative, imposing, controversial; capturing a moment in time and history, and serving as a statement of engineering progress and architectural design, today’s façades push boundaries, communicate brand image and use exciting, collaborative materials to produce provocative and advanced performance solutions.
    • 21st Century Façades™ is a unique Building Transformation framework designed to proactively care for the building skin. We understand the building skin; we manage it, and we care for it. We maintain buildings for the future through inspecting, cleaning, measuring and caring for the complete building envelope in a consistent and long-term planned programme. It’s a fresh, innovative, holistic, service-driven, asset-protection-driven, building-specific, elevation-specific solution. We don’t make presumptions, and we don’t generalise: we protect and future-proof your built environment.

“We future-proof assets for the 21st Century”

With our 21st Century Façades™ programme, we guarantee quality and care, and the protection of your building both as an asset and as a legacy. And we guarantee every building — as well as each material and elevation within the building façade — its own specific care plan. We guarantee a truly honest façade care programme that’s built over time and investigation, not a predicted or generalised plan. We guarantee a proactive service and a programme that’s completely aligned with the needs of both the owner and the building in question.

The 21st Century Façades Programme™ includes:

  • Façade skin condition surveys and understanding.
  • Building skin performance analysis.
  • Specialist façade test trials and protective coating applications.
  • Bring your building back to life programme.
  • Specialised long-term, building, elevation and building skin maintenance programmes.

Our Philosophy

21st Century Façades: Breathing Life into Urban Landscapes

The urban environment has changed enormously since the majority of building maintenance concerns were focused on more traditional masonry structures, materials, pollution levels, weather patterns – even the height of most buildings are completely different to a hundred years ago. This book illustrates how Building Transformation’s methods breathe new life, energy and vitality into building skins and cities.

Expert Technical Advice

A Unique Guide ON How To Restore And Protect Building Skins

Whether it’s a technical façade condition inspection, specialist advice, façade cleaning test trials and specification development, the delivery of a building cleaning project within a challenging access environment or a full building refurbishment project with ongoing going façade management strategies to maximise your ROI, we can help.